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Can be used to examine microscope slides and whole objects

Brunel Dual Function Microscope

There are not many occasions that excite microscopists, but the introduction of this dual function microscope is one of those rare events. It has always been a ‘truth’ that because of the laws of light physics  two microscopes are needed for both slide examination and low power whole object study. A high power or compound microscope and a stereo or low power microscope.

The Brunel Dual Function Microscope manages to bridge both applications in a very clever way. Its key components are a removable circular slide stage with an  integral Abbe condenser and slide clips. This can be removed easily from its circular support and replaced with either a black/white plate or a petri dish. The whole assembly can be moved down the rack and pinion dovetail to massively increase the working distance. This is to facilitate the working distance of the x2 objective which is approximately 100mm. The microscope has an integral LED light on a goose neck which can then be used to illuminate a whole object placed either in the petri dish of the black/white contrast plate. The focus dovetail is graduated to assist the correct positioning of the platform for each type.

The five position turret houses additionally standard achromatic objectives x4, x10, x40 and x100 (oil immersion) that have the normal short high power microscope working distances. The eyepieces are wide field x10. In net effect with the standard circular stage in place this is a high power microscope with a magnification range of  x40 to x1000 and suitable for slide examination. The Abbe condenser has an iris diaphragm and the transmitted lighting is LED with brightness control. Focus is by coaxial fine and coarse control and there is tension adjustment and a safety focus stop.

Alternatively with the circular stage removed,  replaced with the petri dish or contrast plate and lowered, the x2 objective gives a x20 low power view suitable for whole objects that are illuminated by the flexible LED light from above. The trinocular head allows both functions to be used to produce videos or still imaged with any of the Brunel digital microscope cameras. Whilst this microscope almost ‘squares the circle’ in microscopy terms, and the x2 objective gives an image very similar to standard stereomicroscopes it is still inverted like all compound microscopes. It is therefore ideal for low power examination of whole objects but not dissection because of the inverted image

Brunel Dual  £453.33 + vat           

Brunel Dual Function Microscope

x10 measuring eyepiece      DUAL-01


Universal SLR adapter          DUAL-05


Stage micrometer                DUAL-02


T2 ring (state camera)          DUAL-06


CCTV adapter                     DUAL-03


Eyecam Plus                      DUAL-07


 x20 objective                      DUAL-04


Digicam 2M camera             DUAL-08


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