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Brunel M3D Video Inspection Microscope
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The Brunel M3D breaks new ground in the technology of inspection microscopy. The M3D is designed to allow 3D examination of objects by TV monitor or computer. The unit has a rotating vision port that allows components to be seen from a variety of angles in 3D that is ideal for examining specimens with depth and in particular small bore holes and projections. The quality of the optical system is excellent.

n   Fully automated system allowing electronic adjustment of zoom, focus, viewing angles and depth of focus via a control box panel, that is well designed and easy to use.

n   The zoom range of the system gives a magnification of x0.7 to x45 that is motor driven and remains parfocal throughout the zoom movement. There is also a manual override rack and pinion.

n   The M3D has multiple integral LED lamps that provide vertical lighting with variable angle options that are electronically controlled. A simple push button allows the user to toggle  
through four differing intensities and angles to suit the specimen type.

n   The video head is integral to the system and gives an analogue output equivalent to 470 lines via a standard BNC connector. A single multipin lead carries all other functions between the microscope head and the control panel.  Computer visualisation would be via an internal PC PCI card.

n   The M3D head houses a mirror system that provides the 3D image as the head is rotated by the motorised rack and pinion system. The relative angles of the mirrors provides an equivalent viewing angle of 35˚. Alternative or additional angle heads are available. The system microscope head is mounted on
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