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In addition to our own brand zoom stereos we can also supply Meiji, Nikon and Leica models

Brunel BMSZ Series

The BMSZ range are laboratory standard microscopes and are available with various lighting options, or as a long arm. Price £434 to £660

The IMXZ range brings zoom stereo microscopes to the serious amateur microscopist.  Price £397 to £638

IMX Stereo

Brunel IMXZ Series

Low power microscopes Brunel BMSZ Stereomicroscopes IMX Stereo Pocket Microscopes Low power microscopes Non Zoom Stereos Gemscopes Long arm stereomicroscope Measuring


Pocket Microscopes Low power microscopes Non Zoom Stereos Gemscopes Long arm stereomicroscope Spare Measuring Microscopes from Brunel UK Ltd Zoom Stereomicroscopes

Brunel Brand Zoom  Stereomicroscopes

Field and Pocket Microscopes

Low power Stereomicroscopes

Non Zoom Stereomicroscopes


Long Arm Stereomicroscopes

Digital Stereomicroscopes

Inspection and Measuring


The BMZ series offer quality optical performance with versatility in illumination and stand options. Price £737 to £1214

Brunel BMZ Series

The BSR range are of excellent quality and allow specifications to suit all applications. Price £837 to £1287

Brunel BSR Series

BSR Stereos


BSR Stereos Zoom Stereos


Zoom Stereos

The BST is the ‘flag ship’ stereo in the Brunel range. Exceptional quality.

 Price from £2585

Brunel BST Series


BST Stereo

The BMDZ series are ideal for teaching with a fixed image share to the trinocular tube and a flexible LED side arm for top lighting.  Price £495 to £846

Brunel BMDZ Series

BMPZ Stereo


BMPZ Stereo BSR Stereos
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The BSL has an excellent optical performance  with the added option of fluorescence attachments.

 Price from £998

Brunel BSL Stereo


BML Stereomicroscope BML Stereomicroscope

The Inspectascope is ideal for producing video clips  that can demonstrate detail within holes and depressions in a specimen.

3D Scanning Microscopy


3d 3d Brunel BMSZ Stereomicroscopes

Brunel LBX Series

The LBX range are stereomicroscopes that can be supplied with a variety of base stands a versatile series.         Price £270 to £625



BST Stereo


Brunel BMSZ Stereomicroscopes