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Brunel Microscopes is committed to a program of customer support, that ranges from assistance with specimen preparation for those new to microscopy and to the more complex areas of digital photomicrography and image capture with computers. To this end we have constructed a number of additional web sites. These are listed below with a brief explanation together with links to some pages in this site that deal with  subject matter about which we are often asked advice.

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A page within this web site designed to explain the process of measuring specimen size with a microscope.

Kohler Illumination

A page within this web site dedicated to the setting up of a microscope for Kohler illumination. Includes a downloadable video animation.

Phase Contrast

A page within this web site dedicated to phase contrast as a mechanism for enhancing specimen detail. Includes a downloadable video animation.

Digital cameras and microscopes

Pages dedicated to the complex matter of attaching a digital camera to a microscope Visit www.microscopyimaging.co.uk

Used Microscopes

Our web site that deals exclusively with used and ex demonstration instruments, including antique and collectibles. Visit www.usedmicroscopes.co.uk

Microscopy Imaging

Our web site that deals exclusively with microscopes with built in digital cameras and related products. Visit www.digital-microscopes.co.uk

Microscopy Safety

Our web site that deals exclusively with the safe use of chemicals and reagents that are used in microscopy slide preparation. Visit www.microscopysafety.co.uk

Microscopy Training

Our web site that offers a range of training packages that  can be provided on site for commercial organisations or for the amateur at our training facility. Visit www.microscopytraining.co.uk

Microscopy UK Org

This site is not a Brunel Microscopes web site although we do run their on line microscopy shop. A truly excellent and massive free resource for the microscopy enthusiast. An international brotherhood for microscopy. www.microscopy-uk.org.uk

Specimen Measurement

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Binocular head adjustmentnocular head adjustment

This is a video clip showing how to adjust correctly the interocular distance between the eyetubes and how to set up the dioptric adjustment to accommodate differences in the focus of each eye.