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Slide Preparation and Kits

A series of slide preparation kits ranging from starter kits to those for the more experienced slide preparer. Instructions included where relevant.


Microscope Boxes

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Adventures with a

Compound Microscope

Adventures with a Stereomicroscope

Garden Kit

The Cell

Structure Kit

The Starter

Scientists Kit


Slide Set

Slide Ringing

Media Kit

Wax Embedding


Pollen Identification


Wax Embedding

Kit with DVD

Learning Biology


Introduction to

Microscopy Kit

Staining Equipment


Making Mounts in Numount (Canada Balsam)

Making Mounts in

Glycerine Jelly

Making Mounts in

Aqueous Mountant

Gram Stain Kit

for Bacteria

Making Mounts of Insect

and Spider Parts

Haematoxylin and Eosin Staining Kit

Botanical Staining


Blood Smear

Staining Kit

Making your own

Botanical Slides

Complete Stain

Making Kit

Introduction to Staining


SP95I Inverted Biological Microscope

Mountants Kit

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The complete kit containing everything that is required for wax embedding animal and plant material prior to sectioning. Kit contains alcohols can be sent to UK destinations only.

Price £38.33 + vat

A kit that contains everything needed to make permanent slide preparations to identify pollen. Includes the book ‘Pollen its collection and preparation for the microscope’ by John White

Price £33.54 + vat

The wax embedding kit with the DVD that shows in a 40 minute presentation all the steps needed to produce wax embedded sections ready for staining.


Price £50.83 + vat

Contains all the equipment necessary for the staining of sections of all types of Insect, Plant and Animal tissues including watch glasses, Colpin jar, staining blocks, pipettes, test tubes, wash bottle and empty stain bottles.

Price £39.17 + vat

Contains all the reagents, slides, coverslips and full instructions for making permanent slide preparations.

Price £30.83 + vat

Ideal for the beginner, contains all the reagents, slides and coverslips needed to make successful slide preparations with glycerin jelly. Full step by step instructions.

Price £25.83 + vat

Contains all that is required to make slide preparations with Apathy's aqueous mountant including slides, coverslips, reagents and step by step instructions.

Price £28.75 + vat

Contains all stains, reagents and full instructions needed to stain and identify bacteria by the Gram method.

Price £26.67 + vat

Contains all the reagents and items needed to make successful permanent slide preparations of insect parts - includes slides, coverslips and reagents and step by step instructions.

Price £41.67 + vat

Contains all the stains and reagents needed to stain zoological tissues for general structure. Full instructions and example slides.

Price £32.50 + vat

All the stains and reagents needed to stain hand cut botanical sections. Includes watch glasses, slides, coverslips, full instructions and examples.

Price £38.33 + vat

Contains all the reagents and stains needed to fix and stain blood smears. Full instructions and example slides included.

Price £28.33 + vat

Everything required to cut and stain botanical materials including, fixative, bench microtome, the book "Practical Microscopy" and the kit "Botanical Staining Kit".

Price £71.67 + vat

A combination of the "Staining Equipment Kit" and "Introduction to Staining Kit", contains staining equipment, instruction booklet and a collection of general purpose stains. Excellent introduction.

Price £52.50 + vat

An introductory kit for staining. Simple to follow instructions, contains several useful general purpose stains.

Price £19.17 + vat

25 slide preparations of botanical and zoological tissues with an instructional CD-ROM explaining the various structures that each slide shows. Book "A Colour Atlas of Histology". Ideal for A level and pre medical students.

Price £84.17 + vat

For scientists of all ages,"The Complete Book of the Microscope", slides, coverslips, cavity well slides, slide labels, mountant, pipettes, watch glasses and methylene blue stain. How to make slides from just about anything.

Price £30.83  vat

3 x 1 inch slides (50), coverslips 22 x 22 & 22 x 40 (100), cavity well slides (10), and two slide boxes with slide index - holds 25 slides on edge.

Price £14.50 + vat

A ringing table and a selection ringing cements and sealants for preserving wet and dry slide preparations, toluene and size 00 brushes.

Price £45.83 + vat

Canada balsam (substitute), aqueous mountant and glycerine jelly mountant.

Price £13.75 + vat

A selection of plain slides, coverslips, cavity well slides and prepared slides to get you started.

Price £7.50 + vat

For the Compound high power microscope. Book "Adventures with a microscope", slides, coverslips, aqueous mountant, 3 sets of prepared slides covering insects, plant and animal material. Contains all the basics for the first time buyer.

Price £35.83 + vat

For the stereomicroscope. 4 Petri dishes, 5 widemouth bottles, insect pooter and full dissection kit - ideal for specimen collection.

Price £32.50 + vat

Pocket microscope (x30), hand lens (x15), four petri dishes, insect collecting pooter and specimen tubes. All you need to explore the microscopic life in your garden

Price £33.50 + vat

18 prepared slides covering insects, plant and animal tissues and the book ‘Microscope Projects’

Price £22.50 + vat

All the background reading needed to make informative prepared slides from everyday specimens including pond, garden life and everyday household items. Excellent introductory books for all ages. ‘The Complete Guide to your Microscope’ and ‘Microscope Projects’

Price £21.67 + vat

Universal Accessories

Microscope Cases

Dissecting Equipment

Solvents and Reagents

Slides and Mountants

Staining Powder and Solutions

Prepared Slides

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The Brunel Fish Disease kit is designed to assist in the identification of parasitic disease particularly in Koi Carp. All the equipment (apart from the microscope) is included together with a booklet to help identification.

Price £26.25 + vat

Brunel Fish Disease Kit