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Microscopes for a variety of specialised applications

Specialised Microscopes

Microscopes have an increasing relevance to a number of holistic medical applications, forensic pathology and quality control procedures. In these situations, the microscope is simply the tool used for the process, and through discussion with our clients we have developed a range of instruments that are suited to these applications.

Comparison microscope

The MZ series of monozoom inspection instruments that allow flexibility in magnification range and imaging technology.

Microzoom CCTV Units

Asbestos Microscopy

These instruments allow the analysis of whole blood preparations using specialised illumination.

Whole Blood Microscopes

Digital microscopy


Whole blood analysis

We offer a range of microscopes that met the HSE requirements for the identification and counting of  asbestos fibres.

Asbestos Microscopy Whole blood analysis Asbestos Microscopy
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Electrozoom Asbestos Microscopy


Asbestos Microscopy Whole blood analysis MC1

The Inspectascope is ideal for producing video clips  that can demonstrate detail within holes and depressions in a specimen.

3D Scanning Microscopy



A portable measuring microscope with inbuilt LED lighting and a variety of accessories including a magnetic securing base and an aluminium case.

Brunel Portascope


Portascope Portascope 3d

The Brunel multiple interface cameras can simultaneously output directly to a screen via HDMI, to a laptop/PC and integral SD card. Also available with Auto focus and WiFi

Prices from £195 + vat

Multiple Interface Cameras


Comparison Microscope


Comparison microscope Comparison microscope

Allows the comparison of two slides through the one microscope head