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The Brunel Portascope is a flexible and portable handheld microscope that is ideal for quality control procedures - particularly those that require accurate XY measurements. The Portascope has a side arm with a coaxial LED lighting system that operates either with the on board rechargeable batteries or directly from the mains adapter (supplied). The microscope itself has a x10 measuring eyepiece and a x4 standard RMS screw thread objective supplied as standard providing an overall magnification  of x40. x2, x10 and x20 objectives can be supplied as accessories which would provide additional x20, x100 and x200 magnification options.

The Portascope is easiest to use when it can be placed flat onto the material to be examined which increases its stability and ease of focusing. Accurate focus is achieved by rotation of the collar in either direction. As with all microscopes that use coaxial lighting, the quality of the image is dependant on the amount of light reflected from the surface of the specimen and how this is effected by the illuminating light source. Key to this balance is the use of polarising filters and the Portascope is equipped with a polarising filter insert in the arm of the LED light and an analysing filter that fits above the objective mounting and can be fully rotated to cross or partially cross with the polariser filter.

Accessories for the Portascope include an XY stage unit with coaxial movement controls that can clamp by the use of internal strong magnets to any ferrous metal base. The magnets can be ‘switched’ on/off by levers that change their position within the base. Additionally for the most accurate XY measurements a moving line micrometer eyepiece unit incorporating a x10 eyepiece is available. The Portascope and these accessories can be housed together or just the Portascope alone in a quality aluminium attache style carrying case.

Dimensions - 230 x 95 x 40mm  Weight 850 grams


Price:  Portascope Unit (x40) - £179.17 + vat

Specialised Microscopes

Moving line measuring eyepiece            PTS-01


Eyecam Plus Digital Camera                PTS-05


XY Magnetic Base                               PTS-02


x2.5 objective  lens                              PTS-06


x10 objective lens                                PTS-03


x20 objective lens                                PTS-07


Aluminium case                                  PTS-04


x10 plain eyepiece (non measuring)      PTS-08


Portascope Accessories

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