Brunel Metallurgical Microscopes

Metallurgical Microscopes

This SP95M is ideal for the examination and analysis of metal, alloys and opaque substances. Price £1026

Brunel SP95M Microscope

The SP600M is a heavyweight industrial microscope. Available as a brightfield or darkfield microscope. Price £2213

Brunel SP600M Microscope

The SP80 Metallurgical trinocular is a professional instrument with an epi-illumination system. Price £983

Brunel SP80 Microscope

Brunel SP200XM Microscopes

Brunel SP110M Microscope

The Brunel SP400 series offers the same microscope with different forms of illumination.  Price £1255 to £5591

Brunel SP400 Microscopes

The SP900 is our flagship metallurgical microscope, and has brightfield, darkfield and polarisation options.  Price £4766

Brunel SP900 Microscope

The SP105M series is an inverted metallurgical with brightfield or darkfield illumination. Price £2062 to £4537

Brunel SP105M Microscopes

The SP200/202XM are excellent quality industrial metallurgical microscopes. The SP202XM has unique dual lighting.

Prices from £1107

The SP110M is ideal for the inspection of surfaces and items such as electronic circuit boards.  Price £1875 to £4033

Brunel Microscopes have a range of Metallurgical microscopes to suit all budgets and at a specification normally found on much higher priced instruments. You can select any of the models below for full details.

SP80 Metallurgical Microscope Brunel SP200XM Metallurgical Microscope SP95M Inverted metallurgical microscope Brunel SP600M Brunel SP400 Metallurgical Brunel SP900 Brunel SP105M Brunel SP110M

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