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Rheostat controlled epi-illumination system

Brunel SP80 Metallurgical

The SP80 Metallurgical trinocular microscope is a professional standard well constructed instrument. The microscope has an epi-illumination system, with rheostat controlled 6v 20 watt quartz halogen system with full bulb adjustment. The epi-illuminator has a field lens and double iris diaphragm with centring adjustment.

Full mechanical stage with drop down coaxial controls, double vernier and specimen plate. Low position coaxial coarse and fine focus controls, with graduation for specimen depth assessment and tension adjustment for the rack and pinion Objectives plan x4, x10 and x40 on a triple turret with ball race and internal indexing. Widefield x10 eyepieces. The binocular head has full interpupillary and dioptric adjustment.

Accessories include additional eyepieces and objectives, photography and CCTV adapters, and measuring optics. The Brunel SP80 is recommended for combining a durable construction, optical performance and a competitive price.

Measurements - height 390mm, footprint 180 x 150mm

Price SP80 - £983.33 + vat

Metallurgical Microscopes

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Brunel SP80 metallurgical microscope

Brunel SP80 triple turret

Brunel SP80 Microscope Accessories

The SP80 series has a range of accessories available from our online shop.

x10 measuring eyepiece               SP80-01


T2 ring for Canon  or Nikon           SP80-06


x20 Plan LL objective                   SP80-02


Spare bulb 6v 20 watt                   SP80-07


x60 Plan LL objective                   SP80-03


CCTV adapter                             SP80-08


Polariser/analyser filter set           SP80-04


SLR camera adapter                   SP80-09


Trinocular camera tube                SP80-05


Stage Micrometer                        SP80-10


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Brunel SP95M

Brunel SP400M

Brunel SP110M

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