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Multipurpose universal microscopes

Brunel SP400 Metallurgical

Metallurgical Microscopes

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Brightfield configuration SP400 & SP400DIC

Brunel SP400DIC

Brunel SP400 Metallurgical Microscope

Brunel SP400 Microscope Accessories

The SP400 series has a range of accessories available from our online shop.

x10 measuring eyepiece             SP400-01


x20 plan bright field objective      SP400-06


x20 widefield eyepieces (pair)      SP400-02


x2.5 plan bright field objective      SP400-07


Stage micrometer                      SP400-03


x80 plan bright field objective      SP400-08


Universal digital SLR adapter       SP400-04


x100 plan bright field objective    SP400-09


Digiadapt needed for SP400-04   SP400-05


Brunel SP400 Kohler illumination

Brunel SP400 mechanical stage

Brunel SP400 incident illumination

Brunel SP80

Brunel SP200XM

Brunel SP95M

Brunel SP110M

The Brunel SP400 is a quality multipurpose universal microscope that has the option of brightfield, transmitted and incident and DIC.. The objective turrets are equipped with excellent infinity corrected plan objectives (non coverslip), that are parfocal with spring loaded elements in the x40 and x60 lenses. x80 and x100 (dry) objectives are available as accessories.

The SP400 is supplied with x10 widefield eyepieces as standard. The large rectangular mechanical stage has long arm drop down controls and a removable glass plate that allows transmitted illumination and also serves as a support for opaque specimens. The substage condenser is fully focusing and centring with iris diaphragm and filter carrier.

The transmitted lighting is LED that is rheostat controlled. The field iris allows Kohler illumination. For polarised lighting the field lens is capped with a polarisation filter. The incident illumination system incorporates a separate LED light housing. The incident light path has an adjustable focus lens, double iris with centring mechanism. There is a rotating plate with filter options. The SP400L can also be supplied with DIC  for the x10 and x20 objectives.

Beneath the trinocular head is an analyser filter that can be inserted via a push/pull lever into the optical path for both the transmitted and incident illumination. The analyser is fully rotating via a linkage to an external graduated thumb wheel.  The analyser can be removed from the optical path for plain polarised lighting. The trinocular tube will accommodate adapters for CCTV and digital still cameras, including a universal SLR adapter. A push/pull lever diverts light via a sliding prism to the camera tube. The SP400 is a modern design microscope with an excellent optical performance at a very affordable price.

Price SP400 brightfield transmitted and incident  - £1975.00 + vat

Price SP400DIC brightfield transmitted and incident - £5591.67 + vat

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