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A portable field microscope with two specifications

Brunel SP29 Handheld Microscope

The McArthur handheld microscope is perhaps legendry in its application and construction. It has taken a long time for an equivalent instrument to become available at a reasonable price. The SP29 is this instrument. It is perhaps just a little larger than the McArthur with dimensions of 140 x 40 x 94mm, but this has the advantage of allowing a turret objective system rather than the slider version of the original . In all other respects this microscope as the same quality and portability of the McArthur instrument. The microscope is made of a strong metal alloy and the optical components are of equal quality. The SP29 comes with x4, x10 and x40 achromatic objectives as standard, with the option of a x20 objective as an accessory.

The unit has a triple position turret, with a good positive indexing system, and the objectives are parfocal and are matched with a good quality x10 widefield eyepiece. x15 and x20 eyepieces are available accessories. The eyetube locks down into the body when not in use to minimise size and locks out of the body for viewing to give a suitable working distance from the stage and other parts of the microscope such as the lighting system for comfort when in use. Like the McArthur, the inverted design is ideal for fluid examination such as pond and water life subjects and focus is achieved by movement of the stage relative to the objectives. There are two slide clips.

The SP29 is complete with a battery powered LED illumination system for use at night or in low light situations, although sufficient light is obtained by normal use in a well lit area. The LED light unit locates into the body just behind the stage and is clamped firmly in place and is powered by 2 AA batteries and has a slot for a filter if required.

The body work construction is particularly robust and finished in grey enamel. The unit weighs 650 grams complete with the light unit and the balance is particularly good in the hand.

We are pleased to announce that following the success of the SP29 there is now an alternative SP29D that provides a bright field image with the x4 objective, a dark field image with the x10 objective and a phase contrast image with the x40 when using the battery powered light source. This is a particularly impressive development to this excellent microscope. These lighting options are produced by elements in the battery powered light source and cannot be altered when using this light unit. However when using natural daylight all objectives of the SP29D behave as bright field and therefore the choice between the SP29 and the SP29D depends on the type of specimens to be examined and how often the artificial light unit would be needed..

Brunel Microscopes is delighted to continue to offer this field microscope as a quality McArthur type instrument. The SP29 and 29D have SLR camera adapter- see the accessories list below.  The Brunel SP29 series comes highly recommended.

Brunel SP29  Price £329.17 + vat

Brunel SP29D  Price £455.09 + vat

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Brunel SP29 Microscope

Mechanical Stage Attached

 SP29 Slide Mechanical Stage


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Objective specifications

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x15 widefield eyepiece              SP29-01


Measuring eyepiece               SP29-05


x20 widefield eyepiece              SP29-02


Stage micrometer                  SP29-06


Aluminium attache case           SP29-03


x20 objective                         SP29-07


Universal SLR camera adapter   SP29-04


CCTV camera adapter            SP29-08


Slide Mechanical Stage              SP29-09


SP29 Accessories

The existing range of accessories will be added to overtime so please enquire if you would like information about  accessories currently not shown.


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