Brunel SP22/21 the ideal primer microscopes with a digital option

Brunel SP22/21 LED Microscopes

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x15 widefield eyepiece                         SP22-01


T2 ring state camera make (SP21/22 only) SP22-07


x20 widefield eyepiece  (SP22/22D only)  SP22-02


SLR photography adapter  (SP21/22 only) SP22-08


x20 objective                                       SP22-03


Photoeyepiece   (SP21/22 only)                 SP22-09


x60 objective                                        SP22-12


Aluminium carrying case SP21/22/22D    SP22-10


Stage micrometer                                SP22-05


Measuring eyepiece                               SP22-06


SP21, SP22 and SP22D Microscope Accessories

The SP21, 22 and 22D series microscopes have a range of accessories available from our online shop.

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The SP22/21 microscopes have many features that are normally found on microscopes of a much greater price. The objectives are made from achromatic corrected glass and are standard Royal Microscopical Society (RMS) size. The monocular head rotates trough 360° and has a widefield x10 good quality  eyepiece.

Because of the laws of optical physics, the x100 objectives of all biological microscopes need to be used with oil between the bottom lens of the objective and the coverslip of the specimen to ensure a clear image. This immersion oil has the same refractive index as glass and has to be used  Experience has shown us that not all applications (especially those used in schools) need the x100 oil immersion lens particularly with wet preparations such as pond life specimens. We have this microscope in two versions, one with a x100 oil immersion lens to give a x1000 maximum magnification (SP22) and  one without but with two different magnification eyepieces (x10 and x20) that will give a maximum magnification of x800 without the need for immersion oil (SP21). In all other respects the microscopes are identical.


The slide platform is a full mechanical stage with drop down coaxial controls that makes fine movement of the stage in the required direction very easy. The double vernier scale also allows position identification on the slide. The focus system is also coaxial with the coarse and fine focus being ideally placed in a low position towards the back of the microscope body. Beneath the stage is a fully focusable substage condenser with iris diaphragm. The base has inbuilt LED illumination with rheostat control that allows the intensity of the lighting to be adjusted to suit the magnification in use.

Optical Specifications:


Objectives x4, x10, x40.  Eyepieces x10 wide field and x20. Magnification range x40 to x800.


Objectives x4, x10, x40 and x100 (oil immersion). Eyepiece x10 wide field. Magnification range x40 to x1000.

The SP22 microscope is also available with an inbuilt digital camera (SP22D). The SP22D has the same optical performance and mechanical build as the SP22 but incorporated into the microscope is a 1.3M pixel (1280 x1024) CMOS chip digital camera. The camera system is enclosed within the head and shares the image with the eyepiece. The camera element is attached to a laptop or PC via an USB lead. When the slide is in focus with the standard eyepiece it will also be in focus on the computer. Supplied with the microscope is the USB lead and software that is suitable for Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11 (not suitable for Apple operating system). Step by step instructions are provided that require relatively little computer knowledge to get things working. The software allows still image and video capture along with specimen measurement.

An aluminium carrying case is available for all three of these models.

Price SP21   - £150.00 + vat

Price SP22   - £165.83 + vat

Price SP21. SP22 and SP22D Aluminium carrying case - £36.67 + vat

Price SP22D Digital microscope - £286.67 + vat

Brunel SP21/22 Microscope

Brunel SP21/22 Microscope

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Carrying case SP22

Brunel SP22D Digital Microscope

Brunel SP22D Digital Microscope

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