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Kohler illumination system and LED lighting

Brunel SP60/SP60P Trinocular

The Brunel SP60 laboratory standard compound microscope is a very successful recent addition to our range. This instrument has a very modern, elegant design and a technical specification that is probably unique at this price range. The SP60 is recommended for those that require the feel and specification of a professional microscope but at a very realistic price.

The SP60 has a LED illumination system and unusually at this price range full Kohler illumination making the microscope particularly effective for photomicrography. The lighting system has an “on/off “switch and rheostat control for brightness change. The field lens has an integral iris diaphragm allowing the Kohler setting.

The technical features include a fully focusing substage condenser (N.A. 1.25) with internal iris diaphragm and filter carrier, and a mechanical stage with drop down controls and vernier reference scales. The SP60 model has low position co-axial coarse and fine focus controls. The fine focus is graduated for specimen depth measurement. Slides are protected by a stage focus stop, and the high power objectives have spring loaded front lenses, and there is an adjustable tension control to manage the tightness of the focus system. The trinocular head is fully rotating, and has a magnification factor of x1 with full interpupillary and dioptric adjustment. The SP60 shares the image with the trinocular tube and therefore a camera. Our own Digicam units or a digital SLR camera are both ideal for this microscope. The SP60P is a polarising version of this microscope with a circular rotating stage with centring adjusters, a polarising filter, and a pull in/out analyser filter. The Illumination system for the SP60P is non Kohler to accommodate the polarising filter at the field lens position

Optical Specification:

Eyepieces and objectives conform to DIN standard. x10 widefield eyepieces, and x4, x10, x40 and x100 (oil immersion) semi plan 160mm tube length objectives, with numerical apertures of 0.1, 0.25, 0.65 and 1.25 respectively and corrected for 0.17 thickness coverslips.

The SP60P has strain free polarising microscope objectives x4, x10, x40 and x100 (oil)

SP60 Trinocular Price £533.33 + vat  

SP60P Trinocular Price £515.00 + vat         

Brunel SP60 Microscope

Brunel SP60 Microscope

x15  eyepieces (pair)           WNCHSTR-01


Eyecam digital camera         WNCHSTR-10


x20  eyepieces (pair)           WNCHSTR-02


Simple Photo adapter SLR    WNCHSTR-11


x10 measuring eyepiece      WNCHSTR-03


Universal SLR adapter          WNCHSTR-12


x10 eyepiece with pointer     WNCHSTR-04


Dark ground condenser        WNCHSTR-13


x3.2 photoeyepiece              WNCHSTR-05


T2 ring (state camera)          WNCHSTR-14


Stage micrometer                WNCHSTR-06


Demonstration eyepiece       WNCHSTR-15


Polariser/Analyser (SP60 only) WNCHSTR-07


Digicam 1.3M camera          WNCHSTR-16


x40 Phase contrast set        WNCHSTR-08


Adapter for Digicam              WNCHSTR-17


X10 Phase contrast set        WNCHSTR-09


Aluminium carrying case      WNCHSTR-18


SP60/60P Accessories

A wide range of accessories are available including: photomicrography attachment, dark ground condenser, polariser/analyser (SP60 only), phase contrast (x40 objective only), measuring equipment, additional eyepieces and CCTV adapter.

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Brunel SP60 Microscope