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Monocular, Binocular and Trinocular microscopes

Brunel SP30/40 Series

x15 widefield eyepiece               SP30/40-01


Measuring eyepiece                  SP30/40-10


x20 widefield eyepiece               SP30/40-02


CCTV adapter (simple)              SP30/40-11


x20 objective                             SP30/40-03


Eyecam Windows camera         SP30/40-12


x60 objective                             SP30/40-04


Photography adapter (SP30 only)   SP30-13


Teaching head  (SP30 only)          SP30-05


Dark ground condenser dry         SP30/40-14


Stage micrometer                      SP30/40-07


Wooden case                           SP30/40-16


Polariser/Analyser                     SP30/40-08


SP30/40 Microscope Accessories

The SP30/40 range accessories includes a teaching head (only fits SP30), which consists of a monocular viewing eyetube and a vertical monocular tube for a camera. Also available are CCTV attachments, photomicrography heads, polarising attachments and measuring eyepieces.

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Monocular microscopes Infinity Handheld

The Brunel SP30/40 series has recently undergone a style improvement, giving the instruments a very modern appearance. They are high power microscopes with a robust excellent design and finished to an exceptional standard. The impressive specification of this range is considered ideal for the advanced student or professional. Standard features of the series are: Quadruple nosepiece turret. The eyetube units, monocular and binocular, are inclined and fully rotatable through 360 degrees. Rack and pinion coarse and fine focus mechanism.

The series is supplied with LED lighting making the microscopes truly portable. The 240 volt  LED system is supported by internal rechargeable batteries, and the recharging plug transformer is supplied. An overnight charge will allow a full 8 hours use with rheostat brightness control. The SP30/40 microscopes are normally connected to a mains electricity supply. This automatically charges the the internal batteries making the instrument ready for portable use at any time. An excellent innovation. However if battery power is going to be used, do not connect to the mains supply all the time. Use the microscope as you would a mobile phone this enables the microscopes to be used away from an electricity supply for up to 40 hours from one charge - charge the batteries when they need it or remove them and use the mains supply only.

All models have a full substage which includes an Abbe condenser with an independent focus control (N.A. 1.25), iris diaphragm and filter carrier. DIN standard parfocal objectives. The high power objectives have retractable front lenses for slide safety. Focus stop. Inbuilt illumination with rheostat controlled lighting . The monocular and binocular versions are supplied with a very effective multiple LED lighting system.  The monocular SP30 can be attached to a digital SLR camera back or used with any of our microscope digital cameras. The binocular SP40 cannot be attached to an SLR camera back but can be used with any of our microscope digital cameras.

SP30 Monocular

Monocular. x10 widefield eyepiece. DIN standard objectives x4. x10, x40, x100 (oil). Magnification range x40 - x1000. Full substage condenser. Inbuilt 240 volts halogen illumination or LED depending on choice. Mechanical stage. Extremely good value for money.

SP30 Price £222.50  + vat


SP40 - Binocular

Binocular head with interocular and dioptric adjustment. DIN standard achromatic objectives x4, x10, x40 x100(oil). x10 eyepieces. Mechanical stage with double vernier scales. Coaxial coarse and fine focus controls. Focus safety stop. Focusing substage condenser with iris diaphragm and filter carrier. In built rheostat controlled illumination with field lens. A modern style instrument with a very good specification for the price. Available with LED illumination. Magnification range x40 - x1000.

SP40Binocular Price £335.00  + vat


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