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Brunel SP13 Dual Light Microscope

Biological Microscopes

x15 widefield eyepiece                         SP13-01


T2 ring state camera make                     SP13-06


x20 widefield eyepiece                         SP13-02


SLR photography adapter                       SP13-07


x63 objective                                       SP13-03


x10 eyepiece with pointer                       SP13-08


Measuring eyepiece                             SP13-04


Eyecam digital camera                          SP13-09


Stage micrometer                                SP13-05


SP13 Microscope Accessories

The SP13 series has a range of accessories available from our online shop.

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The SP13 Dual Light microscope is exclusive to Brunel Microscopes and is an ideal microscope for the young enquiring mind without having many of the constraints of a standard biological microscope. The laws of light physics dictates that it is not possible to manipulate or dissect whole objects with a biological microscope because of the closeness of the objectives to the specimen, the fact that images are inverted and that usually whole objects are not transparent so that the transmitted light does not get through. However by having a light shining down onto the microscope stage from just behind the objectives the SP13 can look at the surface of whole objects when using the two lowest magnifications (x40 and x100). The x400 magnification has the objective just too close to the specimen for the top light to get in.

In summary:

         Using the top light whole objects (such as the butterfly shown below) can be examined at x40 and x100.

         Using the bottom light microscope slides can be examined at x40, x100 and x400.

The flexible top light attaches to the microscope by the ‘USB’ type plug at the base of the rear, this turns the light on. The dual light system avoids always having to make (or buy) slide preparations and opens a much wider world of microscopic exploration.


The SP13 is a modern design instrument with a very convenient carrying handle built into the microscope body, and its technical specification has many of the features of more expensive microscopes in our range. The optical parts are the most important feature with the x10 widefield eyepiece matched with Royal Microscopical Standard (RMS) screw thread achromatic objectives - x4 x10 and x40 giving a magnification range of x40 to x400 which is extended by the additional x20 eyepiece from x80 to x800.

Focus is by coaxial coarse and fine controls which move the microscope stage. Beneath the stage is a rotating ring of apertures and filters. There are two spring loaded stage clips to secure microscope slides.  There is a safety stop that can be set to prevent the stage rising too far and making contact with the objectives and in addition the x40 objective has a further safety feature with the front lens being spring loaded which allows this element to retreat into its housing on contact with a slide. The objectives are parfocal which means only minimal movement of the fine focus control is needed as the magnification options are changed.

Depending on the general colour and texture of whole objects being examined it can be advantageous to cover the stage with white paper which assists with reflecting the top lighting. The microscope comes complete with a basic starters kit of  already prepared slides and plain slides and coverslips for making your own preparations.

Price SP13   - £108.33+ vat

Brunel SP13 Microscope

Brunel SP13 Microscope

Whole object

Microscope slide viewed with the bottom light

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