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A binocular microscope at an exceptional price

Brunel SP35 Binocular

x15 widefield eyepieces (pair)      SP35-01


Measuring eyepiece                  SP35-06


x20 widefield eyepieces (pair)      SP35-02


Stage micrometer                      SP35-07


x20 objective                             SP35-03


Eyecam computer camera         SP35-08


x60 objective                             SP35-04


Photography SLR adapter           SP35-09


Polariser/Analyser                     SP35-05


Moulded Carrying Case               SP35-10


SP35 Microscope Accessories

The SP35 range accessories are listed below

Biological Microscopes

Monocular microscopes Handheld

The Brunel SP35 is a laboratory standard microscope available for the serious scientist and those that like to use good equipment. The built quality is exceptional for the price. This is a microscope that meets all the standards. Royal Microscopical Society (RMS) screw thread objectives that are achromatic and DIN standard. A well built ‘solid’ microscope that has taken us time to design.

The main features are:

SP35 Binocular

Price: £225.00 + vat

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