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Impressive optical performance and durable build quality

Brunel SP100 Microscopes

This is an advanced specification series of microscopes, elegantly designed and finished in beige enamel. The range is available exclusively from Brunel Microscopes and is recommended because of its impressive optical performance as a  laboratory specification microscope and its durable construction that makes it ideal for a microscope that will have heavy usage. It has a build quality comparable to instruments of a far greater price that are currently considered the market leaders. The SP100 is supplied in monocular or trinocular form, and is equipped with an excellent set of plan objectives. In our opinion this represents the best value microscope currently available.

Four position objective turret with a precise internal indexing mechanism. Parfocal DIN standard plan objectives x4, x10, x40, x100 (oil), matched with extremely widefield plan x10 eyepieces. x20 and x60 objectives are available as accessories.The microscope head is rotatable through 360 degrees and has full dioptric and interocular adjustment. The trinocular head allows a fixed light share between the trinocular tube and the binocular eyetubes.

The large mechanical stage measures 135 x 125mm with a movement range of 75 x 35mm, and has drop down coaxial controls and double vernier scales. The substage condenser (N.A. 1.25) has a full rack and pinion control mechanism, centring adjusters and an iris diaphragm and filter carrier with daylight filter. The low position coaxial coarse and fine focus system in includes a tension adjustment and variable safety stop. The safety stop can also be used as a prefocus device as it does not effect the fine focus movement. The Kohler  Illumination is by a particularly effective LED system which provides enhanced brightness with no heat gain. From a quality point of view, this is as good as it gets for this price without equal.

SP100 Monocular with plan objectives           Price £421.87 + vat

SP100 Trinocular with plan objectives           Price £645.00 + vat

x15 widefield eyepieces (pair)      SP100-01


Attache case                            SP100-11


x20 widefield eyepieces (pair)      SP100-02


Polariser/Analyser  set              SP100-18


x10 measuring eyepiece              SP100-03


Universal DSLR adapter             SP100-13


x3.2 photoeyepiece                   SP100-04


CCTV adapter                           SP100-14


T2 ring (state camera)               SP100-05


Dark ground condenser (dry)      SP100-15


Digital camera adapter               SP100-06


Dark ground condenser (oil)        SP100-16


Stage micrometer                      SP100-07


Achromatic phase contrast        SP100-17


SLR Photography attachment     SP100-10


Heated stage                            SP100-20


Brunel SP100 Microscope Accessories

The Brunel SP100 accessories include a full phase contrast kit and dark ground condensers which makes this a very versatile instrument. The most recent addition to the accessory range for both the trinocular and monocular models is this ‘pilot’ style carrying case. This has a hard proforma internal shape to take both models.

Dimensions 410 x 190 x 240mm Weight 5.5 Kg

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Brunel SP100 Microscope

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