Brunel Microscopes Ltd was established in 1986 and we have many years professional experience in all aspects of microscopy. We stock a wide range of high power microscopes, stereomicroscopes, accessories, prepared slides and reagents to suit  education, industry, research and amateur use. We are specialists in the field of microscopy image capture. In addition we can provide remote support and undertake  commercial servicing. For expert guidance please telephone and speak to one of our technical advisors, they would be pleased to assist.

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For many slide preparation is a major part of microscopy. However, it takes a lot of time and needs ‘laboratory’ space. For these reasons it is often preferable to purchase slides already prepared and we have quite a library to choose from.

Exclusive sets of stained slides of often difficult material from a unique range of specimens.

Prices from  £10 to £20

Brunel Advanced Slide sets

A wide range of prepared microscope slides covering all aspects of biology.

Prices from £4 to £25

Brunel Slide Sets

Prepared slides elite slides

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Product Information

Product Information

Our own range of superior quality prepared slides, many with specialised staining techniques.

Prices from £5 to £83

Brunel Specialist Slide Sets

Product Information

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