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The identification and removal of asbestos requires the use of specialised microscopes.

Asbestos Microscopy

Asbestos identification and removal is now a highly regulation procedure that requires the use of specialised microscopes for the examination of gross specimens (Stereomicroscopes), the identification of the type of asbestos (Polarising microscopes - PLM) and fibre counting after removal (Phase Contrast  - PCM). We offer accredited equipment for each of these functions together with microscopy training, microscope servicing and our own training software ©.

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Phase Contrast Microscope PCM

The gross examination of asbestos specimens needs a Stereomicroscope that will fit inside an air controlled fume cabinet, together with a suitable lighting system


Polarising Microscopes PLM

The exact identification of the asbestos type by using specific gravity oils requires a polarising microscope with a x10 dispersion lens

After removal of the asbestos, air filtration filters have to be examined for individual fibres using phase contrast microscopes that can see the required lines of the HSL slide



Crocidolite Amosite




Asbestos fibres Asbestos fibres

HSL Test Slide Bandings