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In recent years much attention has been made about the condition of the top soil not only in our gardens but more importantly in commercial farming. It is now well understood that there is a balanced food web in our soil with four main components ensuring good and healthy growth of plants these are fungi, bacteria, nematodes and protozoa. These represent natures operating ecosystem and to ensure they are present in the necessary concentrations soil microscopy is essential.

There are now a growing number of online ‘schools’ offering courses in this this very ‘green’ technology. We have no direct experience about the value of individual courses however we do understand the microscope specification that almost all are recommending and have tabulated this below. All three of the suggested microscopes exceed the recommendations. The SP52 which magnifies up to x600 is an ideal choice, it meets the exact criteria. The SP60 has even better semi-plan objectives and the SP100 even better again with plan objectives. Budgets are a personal choice but the SP52 on its own meets and even exceeds the specification itemised below. All our microscopes have an iris diaphragm and are therefore capable of ‘shadowing’ which some of the soil courses call the effect.


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Brunel SP50 Winchester Microscopes Research Microscopes

Total magnification:  x40, x100, x400 (x200 and x600 are optional)

Objectives: Achromatic DIN x4, x10, x40 (S) (x20 and x60 are optional)

Viewing head: 45 degree inclined, 360 degree swivelling trinocular

Transmitted illumination: 3 Watt LED light, intensity adjustable

Power supply: AC/DC adapter, 100v – 240v (UL approved)  

Stage: mechanical double layer (115 x 125mm)

Ocular dioptre: adjustable on the eyetubes

Adjustable interpupillary distance: 55 – 75mm

Stage x-y: travel range 70mm x 30mm

Condenser: NA1.25 Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm

Focus: Coaxial coarse and fine controls

Eyepieces: Wide field WF10X

Components: all metal and glass

Nosepiece: revolving quadruple  

Full warranty

This bridges the gap between amateur and professional microscopes. Also available as a digital microscope.

Prices from £398

Brunel SP52

The SP60 is part of our high spec range that is offered at a very reasonable price.

Price £533

Brunel SP60

The SP100 is an advanced specification microscope and is recommended for its optical performance.

Price £665

Brunel SP100

Product Information

Product Information

Product Information

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