SX10 stereo Stereomicroscopes BMS Microscopes from Brunel UK Ltd

A range of non-zoom stereomicroscopes suitable for all applications and all budgets

The MX range of stereomicroscopes combines durability with excellent value for money. Price £112 to £229

Brunel MX Series

Low power microscopes Stereomicroscopes

Inspection and Measuring


Pocket Microscopes Low power microscopes Zoom stereomicroscopes Gemscopes Long arm stereomicroscope Spare Measuring

Brunel Microscopes Ltd

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Brunel MX, SX10, and BMS series Stereomicroscope


Field and Pocket Microscopes

Low power Stereomicroscopes

Zoom Stereomicroscopes


Long Arm Stereomicroscopes

Brunel SX10 Series

The SX10 series are ideal for dissection and includes a digital version for computer image capture.

Price £218 to £345

Brunel BMSF Series

The BMSF range are trinoculars and are available with various lighting options, or as a long arm. Price £379 to £588


Stereomicroscopes BMS
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SX10 stereo


SX10 stereo Stereomicroscopes BMS Stereomicroscopes BMS

The BM1 range is a budget priced long arm that has excellent optical performance. Price £192

Brunel BM1 Long Arm


Binocular stereo that can switch between x20 and x40 magnification by simply turning the control knob.          Price £283


Brunel DTX Stereo




There are many bargains to be found at our ‘used’ web site.


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BM1 longarm