Robust and versatile stereomicroscopes on a range of stands

Brunel LBX Series Stereomicroscopes

The LBX range of stereomicroscope is a recent addition to our range that we have selected to combine a robust construction with a range of specifications making the series very versatile in its applications. The LBX microscopes are well finished and available as trinocular and digital zoom units together with a very economic binocular fixed magnification option. The choice of stands includes pole, rack and pinion and LED lighting options, these are offered in a modular system with the heads and stands available to purchase as individual items.

LBX Stereohead Specifications

The LBX stereoheads are available as four options.  

  1.       Trinocular zoom (LBXT): The zoom magnification runs from x1 to x5.5 giving an overall magnification of x10 to x55 with the super wide field x10 eyepieces provided. The zoom controls are on either side of the head. There is interpupillary and dioptric control to the eyetubes and the optical path is shared continuously by the eyetubes and trinocular camera tube making the system ideal for teaching or demonstration.
  2.      Binocular zoom with inbuilt LED lighting (LBXB): This unit has the same controls and magnification options as the trinocular head but has a circular array of LED’s inbuilt into the bottom of the stereohead that surrounds the microscope turret. There is a brightness control as part of the unit
  3.       Digital zoom (LBXD): The digital unit has the same adjustments but has an inbuilt 3M digital camera. Supplied with this stereohead are all the necessary cables and the software (Windows only). The software program allows still and video image capture and manipulation together with measuring and annotation of the images.
  4.        Binocular with fixed magnification (LBXF): For those not needing a full zoom facility, the LBXF switches between a x20 and x40 magnification via similar side controls to the zoom models but offers the same optical performance.



Brunel LBX Series Microscope Accessories

The LBX series has a range of accessories available from our online shop.

x15 widefield eyepiece                  LBX-01


x10 measuring eyepiece               LBX-06


x20 widefield eyepiece                  LBX-02


Stage micrometer                         LBX-07


x1.5 additional objective                 LBX-03


Photoeyepiece                             LBX-08


x2 additional objective                       LBX-04


T2 ring (state make)                         LBX-09


CCTV adapter                              LBX-05


Photography attachment  SLR       LBX-10


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LBX Stand Options

Each of the LBX stereoheads can be supplied with either a dual flexi-arm stand or a plain rack and pinion unit

  1. The illumination system (LBXFlex) has a double flexible lighting arm with individual brightness controls that can be used together or independently. It is a pole stand so that the stereohead can be moved to the approximate height to suit the specimen, with the final focus being achieved by a rack and pinion system the both coarse and fine focus. Stage frosted glass and black/white dissection plates and stage clips. Where the lighting requirements are exacting,  the LBXB stereohead that has inbuilt LED lighting would provide a combination of vertical and angled lighting both with brightness control.
  2. The plain stand (LBXPlain) has a rack and pinion focus system throughout its length which adds to the stability of the unit. Focus system has a tension adjustment system. Black/whit dissection plate with removable stage clips

LBXB Stereohead on Plain Stand

LBXF Stereohead on Plain Stand

LBXT Stereohead on Illuminated Stand

LBXD Stereohead on Illuminated Stand

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LBXF Binocular

LBX Binocular

LBX Trinocular

LBX Ring Light

LBX Digital

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Stand fine focus with double goose neck