A robust stereomicroscope for home and industrial use

Brunel DT10 Stereomicroscopes

The DT10 is a stereomicroscope that is a recent addition to our range that we have selected to combine a robust construction with an optical performance that is unequalled at this price. The DT10 binocular microscopes are well finished and have two fixed magnifications.  For those not needing a full zoom facility, the DT10 switches between a x2 and x4 objectives complete with x10 wide field eyepieces giving magnification options of x20 and x40 which can be selected via  side controls.  Each eyetube has dioptric controls and variable interocular distance.

The DT10 has a robust plain stand that has a rack and pinion focus mechanism throughout its whole length. It has a focus tension adjustment and a reversible black/white stage plate with removable stage clips. Illumination is provided by a circular LED ring light with rheostat brightness control. This clamps onto the bottom of the stereohead providing all round lighting. It can also be easily removed if not needed. A good size microscope finished to a high standard and at a very reasonable price

Price £282.33 + vat


Brunel DT10 Microscope Accessories

The DT10 has a range of accessories available from our online shop.

x15 widefield eyepieces(pair)          DT10-01


x10 measuring eyepiece               DT10-04


x20 widefield eyepieces(pair)          DT10-02


Stage micrometer                         DT10-05


Mobile Phonelink                           DT10-03


Eyecam Plus 3M                          DT10-06


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