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Biological Microscopes

Brunel Microscopes has a range of biological high power microscopes  to suit all needs, ranging from student budget models to the latest research specification laboratory instruments. For more information, select from the hyperlinks listed here.


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Monocular microscopes SP150 SP150 Laboratory microscopes

The SP28 is a new addition, allowing both the examination of slides and whole objects at low power. Exclusive to Brunel.  Price from £279



SP28 Universal Research Microscopes Handheld

This microscope is a high quality,high performance instrument ideal for those who want extra from a monocular microscope. Price £222

Brunel SP30


The SP21/22 have many features that are normally found on microscopes of a much greater price. Price £119

Brunel SP21/22

Brunel SP22


Brunel SP22 Low cost microscopes

The SP13 is the microscope for Junior Scientists of all ages. Can be used for slides and whole objects. Price £108

Brunel SP13

SP13 Junior Scientist


SP13 Junior Scientist Winchester Microscopes

This SP150 trinocular represents the best value for money available for a plan infinity microscope. Price £797

Brunel SP150


SP150 SP150

A binocular microscope at a really affordable price with DIN standard objectives.    Price from £225

Brunel SP35


SP35 SP35

The SP29 is a handheld microscope with a magnification range of up to x800. Ideal for field work.  Price £329

 SP29 Handheld



The SP60 is part of our high spec range that is offered at a very reasonable price. Price £533

Brunel SP60


Winchester Microscopes

The SP100 is an advanced specification microscope and is recommended for its optical performance. Price £665

Brunel SP100


The bridges the gap between amateur and professional microscopes.  Also available as a digital microscope.   Price from £398

Brunel SP52


Brunel SP50

The SP300 is a laboratory specification  microscope.  Recommended for phase contrast. Prices from  £1329

Brunel SP300


Phase contrast Phase contrast

We have a large number of used and ex demonstration microscopes at our web site www.usedmicroscopes.co.uk

Including Leitz, Nikon, Olympus etc.

Used and Ex demonstration