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Brunel SP300 Biological Microscope

A biological research standard microscope with exceptional phase contrast and brightfield imaging imaging

The SP300 is a very robust laboratory research standard microscope finished to a very high standard, with a modern design, and an exceptional optical performance. The light source is a Kohler LED unit integral to the base of the microscope. A particular feature is the large rectangular mechanical stage with drop down co-axial controls. The SP300 is specifically configured to provide the optical specifications needed for both research level bright field and phase contrast imaging. The objectives are infinity corrected plan x4, x10, x20, x40 and x100 (oil immersion) that are available as both brightfield and phase contrast systems.The superior quality of the plan objectives makes the SP300 an ideal instrument for phase contrast applications and is, we believe, the lowest priced phase contrast microscope that meets the HSE specification for asbestos fibre counting that is currently available and these specifications are exacting. We are confident therefore that whatever your phase contrast requirements are - particularly for diatom identification - this is the microscope that delivers. The Brunel SP300 trinocular microscope complies with the test slide reading required by the Health and Safety Executive for asbestos fibre counting which makes it exceptional in the world of phase contrast.

The bright field system has the accessory options of simple to use dark field or polarising inserts that fit the standard microscope frame. The co-axial coarse and fine focus controls have a graduation reading in 2 microns for an estimate of depth measurement.  The total focus range covers 35mm and the movement runs in extra wide precision ball-bearing hardened steel tracks. Tension adjustment and safety auto focus stop units are fitted as standard.

The SP300 can be supplied in fthree configurations:

            Brunel SP300 Bright field: Price £1329.17 + vat


            Brunel SP300 Zernike Phase Contrast: Price £1679.17 + vat

            Brunel SP300 Bright field/Phase Contrast: Price £2141.67 + vat

Brunel SP300

Zernicke Phase Contrast System

Carrying Case

Kohler Illumination

x20 widefield eyepieces - pair   SP300-01


Polariser/analyser set               SP300-09


Stage micrometer                    SP300-02


Heated Stage                           SP300-10


CCTV adapter                         SP300-03


Slider phase set x10 and x40     SP300-11


Measuring eyepiece                 SP300-04


Slider phase set x20 and x100   SP300-12


Aluminium carrying case          SP300-05


Phase telescope                       SP300-13


SLR photography adapter         SP300-06


Bright field condenser                SP300-14


Dark Field condenser - dry        SP300-07


x60 Plan objective (dry)              SP300-15


Dark Field condenser - oil          SP300-08


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