Polarisation Microscopes

Polarisation and Ore Microscopes

Polarisation microscopy can be complex. However Brunel Microscopes has a series of polarising microscopes ranging from entry level with a relatively simple specification to full spec ore microscopes.

The SP250P is a binocular/trinocular microscope ideal for education that has a good specification. Price £972

Brunel SP250P Microscope

The SP300P polarising microscope is a step forward in affordable professional microscopy. Price £2055

Brunel SP300P Microscope

The SP60P is an excellent entry level polarising microscope ideally suited to both polarisation and biological specimens. Price £404

Brunel SP60P Microscope

The SP75P is an excellent specification microscope that would be ideal for the mineralogy student. Price  £544

Brunel SP75P Microscope

The SP350P is a quality polarising ore microscope with transmitted and incident lighting. Price £3208

Brunel SP350P Microscope

The SP1500XP is a versatile polarising microscope available as a transmitted or ore microscope. Price £1825

Brunel SP1500XP Microscope

Budget Polarising microscopes SP75 Polarising SP78 Binocular Ore microscope SP300XP SP350P Polarising Microscopes from Brunel UK Ltd

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