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A polarisation ore microscope

Brunel SP350P Microscope

x15 eyepieces                                   SP350P-01


CCTV adapter                                    SP350P-06


x20 eyepieces                                   SP350P-02


CCTV adapter with graticle                 SP350P-07


SLR camera adapter                          SP350P-03


Stage micrometer                              SP350P-08


T2 ring                                              SP350P-04


Wooden case                                    SP350P-09


Digital camera adapter                       SP350P-05


Mechanical specimen driver                SP350P-10


Brunel SP350P Polarising Microscope Accessories

The Brunel SP350P series has a range of accessories available from our online shop.

Polarisation and Ore Microscopes

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Brunel SP350P Polarising Microscope

Brunel SP350P graduated circular stage

Brunel SP350P swing out polariser

Brunel SP350P analysing filter




PL L x5



PL L x10



PL L x40



PL L x60



Non coverslip corrected objectives




PL x5



PL x10



PL x40



PL x60



Coverslip corrected objectives

Brunel SP60P

Brunel SP75P

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Brunel SP1500XP

Brunel SP300P

The Brunel SP350P is a polarisation ore microscope with full specification transmitted and incident illumination that can be equipped with coverslip or non coverslip corrected objectives or a combination of the two. Trinocular head with x10 widefield eyepieces. There is full interocular and dioptric adjustment, and the lighting control allows either full eyepiece or CCTV eyetube illumination.

A large modern design, stable base, with ergonomically positioned coaxial coarse and fine focus controls. There are independent tension and focus stop controls that can be adjusted to suit the individual. The rotating circular stage has a ball bearing race for smooth movement and a well defined chapter ring for graduation measurement. Stage clips are supplied as standard, but there is the option of an attachable specimen driver with ‘mushroom’ controls to avoid damage to the objectives.

The infinity corrected plan objectives are strain free and provide excellent optical performance. x5 (x4), x10, x40 and x60 either coverslip or non coverslip corrected or a combination of both types depending on customer specification. Each has an adjustable seat with lateral movement controls to ensure that each objective can be positioned in the centre of the optical axis. In addition additional objectives are available as accessories. Non coverslip corrected x20, x50, x80 and x100 (dry) and coverslip x20 and x100 (oil).

The SP350P has a graduated analyser, that can be rotated through 360° and a push/pull lever that allows the analyser to be introduced or removed from the optical path. There is a filter slot that allows the introduction of the quartz wedge, lambda and ¼ lambda wavelength plates. The Bertrand lens can be introduced to allow conoscopic assessment, and has centring adjusters to ensure correct alignment. The polariser is housed in a swing out holder with graduation and an indexing click stop at 360°. The substage condenser has full lateral position adjustment and an iris diaphragm, together with a flip top lens to ensure full field illumination at all magnifications.

With polarisation microscopy, illumination is very important and the SP350P has excellent Kohler illumination systems, for both the transmitted and incident lighting. The rheostat controlled quartz halogen illumination for the incident lighting has full lamp adjustment with double iris and polariser adjustment.


Price Brunel SP300P - £3208.33  vat

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