An entry level polarising microscope also suitable for biological use

Brunel SP60P Microscope

The SP60P is a relatively new addition to our range and is an excellent quality microscope that can function both as a biological instrument and also as an entry level  polarising microscope. The main features are excellent for a microscope of this class and includes coaxial coarse and fine focus with focus stop and tension adjustment, rheostat controlled quartz halogen illumination with easy change bulb trap door and a full substage condenser system.

The trinocular head has binocular eyetubes with independent dioptric control and interocular distance adjustment. The light path is shared by a robust trinoculr tube that is ideally suited for cctv and photography. The trinocular head is fully rotatable.

The backwards facing four position objective turret is complete with x4, x10, x40 and x60 achromatic objectives, matched with a x10 widefield eyepiece.

The circular stage has slide clips, and is graduated through 360 degrees, and can be clamped into position if required. It has full lateral adjustment to centre the polarising objectives in the optical path. The analyser filter is placed in situ underneath the monocular head of the microscope and can be removed from the light path via a push/pull lever.

Safety features includes a focus stop arrangement that can be set as required, and in addition the x40 and x60 objectives have spring loaded front lenses.

The substage condenser has an iris diaphragm and attached to the top of the field lens is the fully rotating polarising filter.  An excellent microscope for those that require a polarising microscope that is also capable of being used as a conventional biological microscope.

Price SP60P - £404.17 + vat

Polariser/analyser attachments

We can also supply simple polariser/analyser attachments to give any compound microscope basic polarisation ability. These will be listed as accessories for most of the compound biological microscopes within our range. We also have polariser/analyser filter systems for a number of our low power stereomicroscopes.  

x10 eyepiece micrometer                     SP60P-01


Digital camera adapter                         SP60P-06


x10 crosshair eyepiece                        SP60P-02


Simple CCTV adapter                          SP60P-07


x15 eyepiece                                      SP60P-03


Stage micrometer                                SP60P-08


x20 eyepiece                                      SP60P-04


T2 ring                                                SP60P-09


SLR camera adapter                            SP60P-05


Brunel SP60P Polarising Microscope Accessories

The Brunel SP60P has a range of accessories available from our online shop.

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