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Universal Accessories


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Tilting Stage

Dark Ground

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Ringing Table

T2 Ring

Photography Attachments

The Brunel Stereomicroscope Stage Micrometers will fit the base stands of our own BMS, BMZ and BSR microscopes. X and Y digital readout micrometers for accurate measurement.

These units could possibly fit other makes, but please telephone for advice.

Price from £412

Adaptors that can fit CCTV cameras to most microscopes. For the Brunel models the adaptors are listed in the accessories for each model. Please telephone for advice for other makes. 01249 462655.

Allows the angle of the specimen being viewed with a stereomicroscope to be altered at will in order to study the relevant part. Also assist with obtaining a flat field of view for photomicrography

Price £162.50 + vat

Our stereo mechanical stage has X and Y movement through coaxial controls. Glass plate to allow transmitted illumination and stage clips. Fits our own BMS, BMZ and BSR stands. Please telephone for advice about other makes.

Price £175.83 + vat

Standard fitting. Requires immersion oil suitable for x1000 magnification. Fits condenser ring of internal diameter 37mm.

Price £73.33 + vat

One of our best accessories. Fits our own SP500, SP200 and SP150 models. A dual bright field and dark field condenser. Simple to use just pull/push the slider to switch. Telephone for advice about other makes 01249462655

Price £87.50 + vat

We have several polariser/analyser stage kits for compound microscopes and even some for stereomicroscopes these are listed under the accessories for individual models. Contact us for advice about other makes

All of our Brunel range have accessories that include eyepieces with measuring micrometers. These are listed in the accessories for each model.  Please enquire for details about other makes.

Simple polariser/analyser filter caps are available for most microscopes in our student range. The polariser fits into the substage filter carrier and the analyser over the eyepiece.

Digital readout heated stage. Accurate to within 1/3 of a degree. Very good value. Will fit on the top of most compound microscope stages, and all of the Brunel models. Can be fitted with a slide driver.

Price from £323.33 + vat

3 x 1 inch microscope slide etched with three separate measuring scales. Suitable for compound and stereomicroscopes.

Price £24.17 + vat

A new product manufactured by ourselves. The success of a ringing table is its spin speed. This unit spins really freely. Brass turntable and wrist support.

Price £42.00 + vat

T2 rings convert photomicrography attachments to any make of camera back. State camera make in shopping cart.

Attaching 35mm SLR camera backs to monocular or trinocular eyetubes. Universal fittings. Needs a T2 ring. We need to know the microscope model and your make of camera. Please telephone for advice. 01249 462655.

Microscope Cases

Slide Preparation and Kits

Dissecting Equipment

Solvents and Reagents

Slides and Mountants

Staining Powder and Solutions

Prepared Slides

Slide Storage



Mechanical Stage

A range of accessories that fit our own models and some others

Used Contact Us

A large gliding stage for use with long arm stereomicroscopes. Measuring 123 x 123mm, it moves freely in any required direction. Can also be fitted with  a transmitted light unit.

Price £270.83 + vat

Gliding stage for long arm


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