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Field and Pocket Microscopes

Pocket Microscopes PMF/PMZ

These instruments are excellent value for money. Constructed from durable ABS plastic, the pocket sized microscopes have an all glass optical system which provides remarkable clarity in an instrument of this type. Magnification, PMF x30 and the PMZ zooms from x60 to x100. Focus is achieved by placing the base of the microscope on the specimen to be examined and then adjusting the focus control. In built illumination with daylight filter (batteries not included). A stage stand is available for the PMZ making the instrument suitable for slide examination. The microscope fits into the stand which has integral slide clips.

Price PMF x30 £11.91 + vat

Price PMZ x60 £17.02 + vat

DM6 Stereomicroscope

A superb light weight stereomicroscope, ideal for field use and a variety of applications. The build quality is excellent and the price exceptional. Although this is a light weight instrument, it is at the same time robust, and is well able to withstand the rigours of  outdoor life.The optical components are achromatic glass lenses, with the widefield x10 eyepieces being standard compound microscope units. The eyetubes are inclined at 45° for ease of use and comfort which adds to the excellent value for money.

The objective pair is x2 giving an overall magnification of x20 that can be extended with additional x25 eyepieces to x50. The DM6 has an integral battery powered LED incident light source with on/off switch. Focus is by a friction rack, and the removable  white dissection plate has specimen clamps. The interpupillary distance is fully adjustable. Highly recommended for field use by the serious naturalist or for a starter stereomicroscope for the young scientist. The x25 eyepieces give a narrower field of view but usefully extend the overall magnification to x50

Price DM6 £45.83 + vat

x25 eyepieces £17.50 per pair

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Hand Lenses

x10 triple - composite triple lens x10 (21mm diameter) loupe in a chrome mount. Leatherette case.

Price £14.17 + vat

x20 loupe - an excellent x8 lens with a wide lens (18mm diameter). Chrome mount with leatherette case. Price £17.50 + vat

x15 loupe - a quality lens with a diameter of 20.5mm. Anodised brass mount with leatherette case.

Price £15.00 + vat

Two lens system in chrome mount. x10 (18mm) and x20 (12mm). Leatherette case.

Price £20.83 + vat

Three lens triple loupe in chrome mount. x10, x15 and x20 all 18mm in diameter. Leatherette case.

Price £25.83 + vat

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