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Naphrax Diatom Mountant

A high refractive index mountant for diatom preparations

Brunel Microscopes is the worldwide exclusive distributor for Naphrax

Naphrax has become the mountant of choice for diatom study. In solution the refractive index of naphrax is 1.65. As part of the mounting process the naphrax is heated and the solvent toluene is driven off and the refractive index rises to 1.73.

Brunel Microscopes supplies this product world wide, and the notes below are designed to assist with the ordering process.

Naphrax uses toluene as its solvent. Current transport regulations prohibit anything including toluene to be transported by air because of fire regulations, and carriers exclude it from their list of acceptable items. Consequently we have two versions of Naphrax available.

Naphrax for UK distribution available in 15ml and 250ml amounts

Naphrax for Export available in 15ml and 200ml amounts. This does not have the solvent toluene included and is therefore solid - but safe for transport. On receipt the toluene is added and the solid re dissolved - instructions for this are included.

How to order

UK Orders:

Orders from private individuals can be made in the normal way either online, by post, fax  or with a credit card by telephone.

Orders from Universities and Companies can be made with a Purchase Order Number on formal documentation from the organisation faxed or emailed.

Worldwide Orders:

Orders from private individuals should be made from our online shop.

First orders:  Universities and Companies are asked to contact us by email or fax and we are pleased to provide a proforma invoice and details for BACS transfer for payment.

Repeat orders: can be sent on a terms 30 days invoice basis if you have ordered before and we have established an account with us.

Credit Card orders: many of our commercial customers prefer to make ‘one off’ payments by credit card, please telephone, fax or order ‘online’.

To make arrangements for an account or to place an order either:

        Telephone +441249462655 or


For MSDS safety sheets please visit our safety web site:


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