Paraffin wax sectioning equipment


Brunel Microscopes have a number of microtomes available depending on the expertise level and budget. Microtomy is a skill that requires practice and we would be pleased to offer advice to those who are considering using a microtome for the first time. We also offer a range of microtome accessories including honing stones, replacement knifes, knife strops, and instructional DVDs that show the whole process in an easy to follow step by step format.

This Rotary Microtome is ideal for use over a wide spectrum of tissue types, including hard tissues. Prices from  £795

Brunel YD Rotary Microtomes

Accessories include a Wax embedding kit for the beginner, and a Paraffin Wax Processing DVD. Price  £13 to £86

Microtome Accessories

Our Bench Microtome is hand operated and comes complete with a sectioning razor. Price  £40

Bench Microtome

Bench Microtome

The Rocking Microtome is ideal for sectioning wax embedded animal and plant material. Price  £230

Bench Rocking Microtome

Brunel Rocking Microtome

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