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Paraffin Wax Processing DVD

An excellent DVD presentation of the entire process of specimen selection and paraffin wax processing to the final section cutting with either a rocking or rotary microtome. This is the information that is needed to produce stained sections from almost all tissue types. Invaluable information. 40 minutes duration with detailed sound commentary.

Price Paraffin Wax DVD- £13.33

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Bench Microtome Bench Rocking Microtome Brunel YD Rotary Microtome

Razor/Knife Strop

A dressed shell hide sectioning razor strop. Suitable for sectioning razors and microtome knives. Essential for maintaining a flawless cutting edge.

Price Razor/Knife Strop - £25.83

Brunel Microtome Rocker Knife

Brunel Microtome Strop

Replacement Rocker Microtome Knife

Made from tempered steel pre sharpened with box.

Price Rocker Knife - £27.50

Honing Stone

Fine particle honing stone. Used for the honing and bevel cutting of razors and microtome knives.

Price Honing Stone - £22.50

Disposable Knife Holder

A very solid disposable knife holder with a simple quick release mechanism. Takes the standard ‘feather’ design blades. It simply replaces the  standard microtome knife on the YD rotary - not suitable for the Brunel Rocker.

Price Disposable Holder - £165.00

Disposable knife blades

50 disposable pre sharpened blades in a dispenser. These fit the disposable knife holder. Used carefully these can be used many before the need to replace.

Price Disposable knife blades - £86.67

Brunel Disposable Knife Holder

Brunel Microtome Honing Stone

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