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The quality of light is as important as the quality of the optical components of a microscope in obtaining an optimum image. Brunel Microscopes have a range of stand alone light units for use with microscopes without inbuilt illumination. 6 volt or 12 volt transformer units are also available to upgrade older style second hand microscopes to current CE regulations. Our range includes cold light fibre optics, LED ring lights, transmitted light units and stereomicroscope spot lamps.

Transmitted Light Bases

Fluorescent Ring Light

Fibre optics

Fibre Optics


LED Ring Lights

Lamps Fluorescent Lighting

Spot Lights

Spot Lights

Spotlights  on flexible arms are ideally suited as incident light sources for stereomicroscopes. Prices  from £90

Fibre optics led Lamps Fluorescent Lighting Spot Lights

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Microscopy lighting

LED brightness controlled light pads for transmitted lighting.

Prices from  £120

Our fluorescent lighting will fit all our zoom range stereomicroscopes and many other makes as well. Price  £70

We have a number of flexible arm light units including LED and fibre optics Price  £145 to £495


A ring light with 78 LED’s in a double row with brightness control.

 Prices  from £119






Fibre optics led Lamps Fluorescent Lighting Spot Lights
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Brunel Multilite System


A versatile light unit with double fibre optic, ring light and back light elements. Can be used alone or attached to most plain stereomicroscope stands. Price £295

 Price  £326


Specialist Lighting

Microscope Spot Light

Light units with specific applications including polarisation and ultra violet lighting . Prices from  £125


ringlights Multilighting