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Cost effective lighting for stereomicroscopes

Compact Ring Lights

Brunel Compact LED Ringlight

This is a particularly compact LED ring light that does not need an independent transformer unit. All the electronics are housed within the unit itself which simply plugs directly into the mains electricity supply. The ring light has 60 individual LED’s arranged in two concentric rings. There is a toggle on/off switch with rheostat brightness control. Colour temperature 6000K. The Compact LED will clamp to the bottom of any stereohead with parallel sides up to a maximum diameter of 60mm. The unit will fit all the stereoheads in the Brunel range irrespective of their shape as appropriate adapters would be supplied.

An excellent value for money light unit.

Price - £75.00 + vat

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Brunel Compact Ringlight Unit

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60 LED’s 6000K

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