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Microscopy lighting for a number of applications

Brunel Specialist Lighting

Brunel Compact LED Ringlight

This is a particularly compact LED ring light that does not need an independent transformer unit. All the electronics are housed within the unit itself which simply plugs directly into the mains electricity supply. The ring light has 60 individual LED’s arranged in two concentric rings. There is a toggle on/off switch with rheostat brightness control. Colour temperature 6000K. The Compact LED will clamp to the bottom of any stereohead with parallel sides up to a maximum diameter of 60mm. The unit will fit all the stereoheads in the Brunel range irrespective of their shape as appropriate adapters would be supplied.

An excellent value for money light unit.

Price - £75.00 + vat

Fibre optics led Lamps

White/UV Ringlight

Fluorescent Lighting SP95I Inverted Biological Microscope

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Brunel Compact Ringlight Unit

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Separate light controls

60 LED’s 6000K

Brunel White/UV Ringlight.

This is a dual ring light with two concentric rings of LED’s. The outer ring of 39 LED’s provides white light 6500K illumination and the inner ring of 39 LED’s provides ultra violet (365nm) lighting. Both rings can be used independently or if required together. Each ring has a separate on/of and brightness control to the front of the power box which itself has an illuminated on/off button. The unit will fit all the zoom stereoheads of the Brunel range and may fit other makes providing the microscope head has parallel sides and is a diameter no larger than 60mm.

A unique unit available only from Brunel Microscopes Ltd.

Price - £175.00 + vat

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Reveal with UV lighting

White light only

Flexilite White/UV LED.

Our Dual light LED unit is quite simply one of our best new products in recent years. We have now introduced a more specialised version with the dual arms delivering white light 6500K from one arm and UV light (429nm) from the other arm.  This is not a fibre optic unit but two very effective LED light units mounted on goose neck flexible arms. The l white light output is outstanding and would match a 100 watt fibre optic unit at full capacity. Finished in black enamel the metal alloy base is very stable and has an on/off switch with full rheostat control for each of the arms. These can be used together or separately. The flexible arms have good rigidity and maintain position well. As with all LED units the heat gain is minimal and therefore ideal for heat sensitive specimens such as insects. This lighting system is highly recommended.

Price Dual White & UV Flexilite  - £148.33 + vat

A unique unit available only from Brunel Microscopes Ltd.

Price - £175.00 + vat

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White and UV lighting

Dual White & UV lighting

Duo LED light unit

Brunel Duo LED Lighting Unit

The image detail with stereomicroscopes depends largely on the type and direction of lighting. Ringlights tend to produce ‘flat’ images with minimal shadows because the light is directly above the specimen. Goose neck LED and fibre optic systems however can be angled as required to produce shadows and therefore add to the 3D effect of the image.

The Duo light unit allows the best of both worlds with  a single goose neck with rheostat brightness control and a ringlight with 60 individual LED’s in two concentric rings with brightness control. All at a very reasonable price.

Price Duo LED Light Unit £137.50 + vat

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Multilite System

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