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Ideal for cell culture and microbiology examinations

Brunel SP95I Microscope

x20 LWD plan objective                         SP95I-01


Digital camer adapter                            SP95I-06


x80 LWD plan objective                         SP95I-02


35mm SLR adapter                               SP95I-07


x10 micrometer eyepiece                      SP95I-03


x40 phase contrast set                         SP95I-08


x2.5 photoeyepiece                              SP95I-04


CCTV camera adapter                           SP95I-09


Stage micrometer                                 SP95I-05


Brunel SP95I Inverted Microscope Accessories

The Brunel SP95I series has a range of accessories including additional phase sets (x25 & x40), micrometer eyepiece and stage micrometer, 35mm SLR  digital camera and CCTV adapters allowing full video facilities.

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Brunel SP95I Inverted Microscope

Brunel SP95I mechanical stage

Brunel SP95I lighting and condenser

Brunel SP95I camera port







x10 phase









Long working distance planachromatic objectives

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The Brunel SP95I inverted biological microscope is ideal for cell culture and microbiology examinations of all types. It is a substantial instrument finished to a high standard. The SP95I is equipped with a binocular viewing head and a  camera port for digital, 35mm photomicrography, and CCTV. The binocular head has extra widefield x10 eyepieces with full interocular and dioptric adjustment.

High performance, long working distance planachromatic objectives are fitted as standard with a quadruple objective turret. A x10 phase contrast objective with corresponding phase plate and focusing telescope is included as standard.

The specimen stage measures 200 x 155mm and is fitted with a circular and rectangular removable plate, to give inspection ports to suit petri dishes and cell culture equipment. Drop down coaxial movement controls give a traversing distance of 75mm (X axis) and 50mm (Y axis).

The instrument itself has low position coarse and fine focus controls and is finished in two tone black and grey. The condenser system has rack and pinion focus with full centring adjustment, iris diaphragm and slot for phase ring insertion. The illumination system is 6 volt 20 watt rheostat controlled quartz halogen with full lamp centring and focus controls. The unit is fitted with a field iris diaphragm which enables Kohler illumination. There is a choice of condenser including extra long working distance to accommodate substantial tissue culture flasks.

Price Brunel SP95I - £1024.17 + vat

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