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A reflected light fluorescence microscope

Brunel SP300F Microscope

Brunel SP300F Inverted Fluorescence Microscope Accessories

The Brunel SP300F series has a range of accessories available  from our online shop.

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Brunel SP300F Incident Fluorescence Microscope

Safety barrier filter

Brunel SP300F safety barrier filter

Hg lamp housing

Brunel SP300F lamp housing

Lamp control box

Brunel SP300F lamp control box


Focussing  SLR camera adapter.        SP300F-01


x15 eyepieces (pair)                           SP300F-06


Hg 100watt lamp                                SP300F-02


Replacement security screen              SP300F-07


6v 30watt halogen lamp                      SP300F-03


Blank filter cubes                               SP300F-08


x10 measuring eyepiece                     SP300F-04


x20 high n.a. fluorescence objective    SP300F-09


Stage micrometer                              SP300F-05


x40 high n.a. fluorescence objective     SP300F-10


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Excitation band

Emission wave length from













The Brunel SP300F is a reflected light fluorescence microscope with the ability to be used additionally for transmitted bright field work. The instrument is equipped with high numerical aperture glycerine immersion objectives and planachromatic infinity bright field objectives. The microscope stand is particularly well engineered with a backward facing objective turret with a very positive objective indexing system.

The incident fluorescent illumination is provided by a 100 watt high pressure lamp operated by a D.C. Power supply with separate on/off switch and push start buttons and warning lamp. The full emission of the vapour lamp is achieved after approximately 10 minutes. Adapters are available to mount a CoolLED unit as an alternative to the Hg arc lamp.The incident light path has an iris diaphragm and sliding aperture plate with blanking and frosted filter options. The ultra violet, blue and green and orange exciting filters are situated within the carousel which allows each to be rotated into the optical path. The SP300F comes complete with infinity corrected plan objectives x4, x10, x20, x40 and x100(oil).

The large square mechanical stage has drop down coaxial movement controls with double vernier, and a blanking plate to prevent transmission light interference. The SP300F has a trinocular head suitable for all types of image capture, and the eyetubes have interocular and dioptric adjustment and have x10 widefield eyepieces. When used for transmission bright field illumination, the stage light guard plate is removed and the inbuilt  20 watt rheostat controlled quartz halogen light source provides Kohler illumination. The substage condenser has rack and pinion focusing and can be centred. N.A.=1.25. The microscope stand has low position coaxial coarse and fine focus controls that incorporate independent tension adjustment and variable focus safety stop.

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