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The Brunel RX50F is an outstanding modern design bright field/fluorescence microscope that produces a superior microscopic image, using Plan semi-apochromatic infinity corrected objectives with a high numerical aperture that are ideally suited for fluorescence wok and biological bright field study. The microscope stand has low position coaxial coarse and fine focus control with tension adjustment and a variable safety stop. The transmitted light source for bright field work is 12v 100 watt halogen with a field iris that allows Kohler illumination. The microscope is substantial but also well balanced.  The large mechanical  stage has been designed with a two way linear driving mechanism which improves the rigidity of the system. The drop down coaxial controls can be either right or left hand to suit the user. The slide slide clamping system is deep enough to allow two slides to be held together to facilitate comparisons. The movement range is 80mm x 55mm. The stage surface has been treated to resist corrosion and friction marks. The microscope trinocular head can be supplied as giving either the standard inverted image or a corrected  erect image. The light splitting ratio of the erect image version is 100:0 or 0:100, whereas the standard inverted head can be 100:0, 80:20 or 0:100. The high eyepoint wide field eyepieces have inbuilt eyecups and provides a 25mm field of view.

The microscope can be supplied with either quintuple or sextuple objective positioning

The RX50F can be supplied with three fluorescence lighting options.

The Mercury system has a newly developed digital power control system with a display showing the amp value and operating time. The lamp housing has an improved thermal cycle which greatly reduces the surface temperature of the unit. There is a centring objective to assist with positioning  replacement Hg lamps.

The LED auto selection unit is a unique lighting unit linked to three filter cubes B, G and UV in the carousel head. As each filter cube is rotated into position the auto system engages the appropriate wavelength emission, for the filter cube,  from  the options in the LED light source.

The fluorescence cubes use superior quality filters that include band pass barrier filters that reduce colour bleeding significantly. The fluorescence filter blocks are housed in a switching mechanism.  The filters supplied as standard have the characteristic shown on the graphs towards the end of this web page. The mercury lamp power supply and control system has an inbuilt protection system. If the side door to the lamp housing is not properly closed, the power circuit to the DC mercury lamp will be automatically cut avoiding the escape of UV light.


The RX50F has  objectives that have been developed to provide much improved relief, contrast and resolution. The microscope has Infinity corrected plan semi-apochromatic objectives with  good numerical apertures producing high resolution high contrast images.

The price structure for the RX50F depends upon the chosen specification and the price shown below as an example is for the LED, inverted image, right hand stage model. We would be pleased to quote for any chosen specification

Price: RX50F with LED right hand stage and inverted image

complete £10750.00 + vat

Brunel RX50F

Brunel RX50F

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