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Brightfield transmission and incident fluorescence microscope

Brunel SP99F Microscope

Brunel SP99F Inverted Fluorescence Microscope Accessories

The Brunel SP99F has a  range of practical accessories available in our online shop.

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The Brunel SP99F is a modern bright field transmission and incident fluorescence inverted microscope, finished to a high standard. The large mechanical stage will accept most types of laboratory apparatus, and the condenser assembly can be removed from the optical path for particularly tall objects. The SP99F is equipped with long working distance plan objectives and plan phase contrast objectives. Offering a magnification range of x50 to x400.


Plan long working: x10, x20, and x40  - infinity tube length, with x5 as an optional accessory.

Plan phase contrast: x10, x20 and x40 - infinity tube length


x10 widefield


The long working distance condenser with a Zernicke phase contrast system has a working distance of 50mm. A notable feature of the SP99F is the very large mechanical stage with long drop down movement controls. The potential specimen vessels for this type of microscope is very varied and the mechanical stage arrangement has been designed as an attachment that can be removed in order to accommodate unusual sized specimen equipment. The SP99F has low position coaxial coarse and fine focus controls with inbuilt tension adjustment and variable safety stop. The fine focus control is graduated in 2 micron units as an indicator of depth. The SP99F has a side camera port for the attachment of CCTV and still image cameras.

Illumination systems

Transmitted bright field lighting with a 6v 30 watt tungsten halogen lamp.

Reflected light, mercury vapour lamp output 100 watt DC power supply.

(the SP99F can be supplied with either 110 or 240 voltage options)

Fluorescent lighting system

The SP99F provides four excitation filter systems. The barrier filters are longpass allowing transmission from the wavelengths shown in the table.

UV (ultraviolet) 330 - 400mm

V (violet) 395 - 415mm

B (blue) 420 - 485mm

G (green) 460 - 550mm

The appropriate safety screen is attached to the rear of the trinocular head to protect the operator and should always be used.

Alternatively the SP99F can be supplied with CoolLED units with ‘easyfit’ adapters

Price complete with mercury vapour lighting - £4812.50 + vat

Focussing  SLR camera adapter.          SP99F-01


x15 eyepieces (pair)                            SP99F-06


Hg 100watt lamp                                 SP99F-02


Replacement security screen               SP99F-07


6v 30watt halogen lamp                       SP99F-03


Blank filter cubes                                 SP99F-08


x10 measuring eyepiece                     SP99F-04


x5 plan objective                                  SP99F-09


Stage micrometer                               SP99F-05


CCTV adapter                                      SP99F-10


Brunel SP99F substage

Brunel SP99F phase condenser

CoolLED pE-300 unit

Brunel SP99F



PLL x10


PLL x20


PLL x40


Brunel SP99F Hg lamp control box

Brunel SP99F camera port


Excitation band

Emission wave length from













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