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Brunel RX30F Incident Fluorescence Microscope Accessories

Focusing  SLR camera adapter.          RX30F-01


x16 eyepieces (pair)                           RX30F-06


Hg 100watt lamp                                RX30F-02


Zernicke phase system                      RX30F-07


x60 plan semi-apo objective                RX30F-03


Blank filter cubes                               RX30F-08


x10 measuring eyepiece                     RX30F-04


V (violet) filter cube                             RX30F-09


Stage micrometer                              RX30F-05


CCTV adapter                                    RX30F-10



The Brunel RX30F is an outstanding modern design bright field/fluorescence microscope that produces a superior microscopic image, using LPlan fluorescence  infinity corrected objectives. The microscope stand has low position coaxial coarse and fine focus control with tension adjustment and a variable safety. The transmitted light source for bright field work is LED with a field iris that allows Kohler illumination. The microscope is well balanced and has a carrying handle built into the stand back. The large square stage has drop down coaxial controls and a double vernier scale. The focusing substage condenser has a graduated iris diaphragm with filter carrier and lateral movement adjustment.stop.

The RX30F includes a new generation of infinity colour corrected optical system with widefield high eyepoint eyepieces in a new rotating eyetube designed head. The eyetubes can be rotated through 360° which allows the observation position to be increased by 34mm if preferred. The interocular distance can be varied between 50 and 75mm.

The RX30F has  objectives that have been developed to provide much improved relief, contrast and resolution.

LPLAN-FLUOR - these are infinity plan semi-apochromatic fluorescence objectives with a high numerical aperture. As standard the RX30F has x5, x10, x20, x40 and x100 (oil immersion) objectives

The fluorescence cubes use superior quality filters that include bandpass barrier filters that reduce colour bleeding significantly. The fluorescence filter blocks are housed in a switching mechanism. The RX30F has three fluorescence channels and a single bright field channel. The filters supplied as standard have the characteristic shown on the graphs towards the end of this web page. Custom cubes can be supplied at additional cost. The RX30F has as standard a mercury lamp power supply and control system with an inbuilt protection system. If the side door to the lamp housing is not properly closed, the power circuit to the DC mercury lamp will be automatically cut avoiding the escape of UV light. The digital power control system has a current and total working time display with a reset button and safety trigger.

The RX30F can also be supplied or retro fitted with CoolLED units pE-100, pE-300 and pE-7000.

A full phase contrast system, polariser/analyser and dark ground units can also be fitted  if required.

Price: RX30F with mercury lamp complete £5445.00 + vat

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We can supply a number of camera units ideally suited to fluorescence work. The choice depends on budget and application. Black and white CCD chip cameras provide the best resolution and we have both standard and cooled units.

RX30F Filter cube unit

RX30F substage

RX30F Hg lamp control box

Brunel RX30F

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