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Applications in tissue culture and microbiology

Brunel SP98I Microscope

x25 phase contrast set                         SP98I-01


Digital camer adapter                            SP98I-06


x80 LWD plan objective                        SP98I-02j


35mm SLR adapter                               SP98I-07


x10 micrometer eyepiece                      SP98I-03


x40 phase contrast set                        SP98I-08


x2.5 photoeyepiece                              SP98I-04


CCTV camera adapter                           SP98I-09


Stage micrometer                                 SP98I-05


Brunel SP98I Inverted Microscope Accessories

The Brunel SP98I series has a range of accessories including additional phase sets (x25 & x40), micrometer eyepiece and stage micrometer, 35mm SLR  digital camera and CCTV adapters allowing full video facilities.

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Brunel SP98I Inverted Microscope

Cell culture microscope

Brunel SP98I mechanical stage

Trinocular head

Brunel SP98I camera port

Kohler illumination

Brunel SP98I lighting and condenser

Long working distance objectives (red are accessories)













x10 phase



x25 phase



x40 phase



The Brunel SP98I is a significantly larger version of our popular SP95I. Designed as an inverted biological microscope its principal applications are in tissue culture work and microbiology. The SP98I can take a wide array of flasks and culture bottles and has a series of appropriate stage inserts. The mechanical stage is substantial in size and the coaxial drop down stage controls can easily be removed by loosening thumb screws to allow the examination of vessels with a larger area than the stage. The condenser system is hinged close to the stand body and can be completely removed from the stage area to allow tall flasks to be positioned.

The SP98I has a four position objective turret with long working distance bright field and phase contrast plan achromatic objectives. The x25 and x40 phase objectives are additional accessories. The standard condenser assembly incorporates  a long working distance lens system with a 50mm focal length. An ultra long working distance condenser with a working distance of 70mm is available as an optional accessory. There is a filter slot within the condenser housing for slider plates incorporating phase rings for the phase objectives. These can e centred independently of the condenser centring. The stage has a moveable range of 79 x 112 mm through its mechanical drive that can be removed to allow hand movement of larger objects. The low position coarse and fine focus controls  are coaxial and includes a tension adjustment system and a variable focus stop arrangement that can control the maximum position of the objective turret..

The microscope head is trinocular with a push/pull lever to allow light to the camera port. The binocular eyetubes have an adjustable interpupillary distance between 53 and 75mm, and one eyetube as dioptric focus control. The lighting system is quartz halogen 6 volt 30 watt, with an on/off switch and rheostat control on the right hand edge of the stand base.

Price Brunel SP98I - £1458.33 + vat

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