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Brunel Dual Flexilite LED

This is quite simply one of our best new products in recent years. It is not a fibre optic unit but two very effective LED light units mounted on goose neck flexible arms. The light output is outstanding and would match a 150 watt fibre optic unit at full capacity for a fraction of the price.

Finished in black enamel the metal alloy base is very stable and has an on/off switch with full rheostat control. The flexible arms have good rigidity and maintain position well.

As with all LED units the heat gain is minimal and therefore ideal for heat sensitive specimens such as insects. This lighting system is highly recommended.

Price Dual Flexilite LED - £145.83 + vat

Brunel Dual Flexilite LED Rheostat Control

Brunel Cold Light Source

This has to be one of the best value for money stand alone  cold light sources available. LED lighting has revolutionised cold light source units and this particular product is without doubt the market leader when it comes to cooling fan noise. It is quiet, so quiet that on occasion it is difficult to know when the unit is running.

The light guides locate firmly in the base unit and are held in place by a unique flange system that prevents rotation of the arms when they are locked in place.

The on/off switch and rheostat control are situated on the front panel and the unit has a fold flat carrying handle on the roof of the power pack. Because the unit is LED light based the traditional method of comparing units by wattage output no longer applies. However the output of this unit in our opinion surpasses that of a traditional 150 watt unit. As with all LED units the heat gain is minimal and therefore ideal for heat sensitive specimens such as insects.

Price Cold Light System - £354.17 + vat

Brunel cold light source double goose neck system

Brunel cold light source system

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Brunel Dual Flexilite LED System

Brunel Fibre Optic Portable Unit

A genuine fibre optic system with a powerful 10 watt LED light unit delivering dual spot lights via two goose neck fibre optic arms. The unit is shown here attached to its circular heavy duty base that provides excellent stability as a stand alone unit. However the unit comes complete with a simple adapter that will allow the power box and goose necks to be attached to the upright of most stereo pole stands. This allows the fibre feeds to be positioned to give optimal illumination for the specimen being examined without the support base ‘getting in the way’. The unit has an excellent fan cooling system and a rheostat brightness control.

Price Complete: £316.67 + vat

Brunel Portable Fibre Optic LED System

10 watt LED power

Brightness control

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