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Polarising microscope with transmitted and incident illumination

Brunel SP1500XP Microscope

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Brunel SP1500XP Polarising Microscope

Brunel SP1500XP incident light path

Brunel SP1500XP lamp adjustment

Brunel SP1500XP graduated circular stage

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The SP1500XP is the most versatile polarising microscope in the Brunel range. Made to an exacting standard and with a modern stand design the 1500XP has a full polarising specification and is available in both transmitted or transmitted and incident (ore) illumination. The SP1500XP has transmitted and incident illumination (ore configuration), and has been designed for use in routine and university level teaching laboratories. Trinocular head with full interocular and dioptric adjustment, supplied complete with x10 widefield and crosshair eyepieces. There is a retractable analyser in the microscope head that is rotatable through 90°, and the transmitted polariser is fully rotatable with a scale. Slide in Bertrand lens with lateral position adjusters to ensure centralising in the optical path for conoscopic examination. The polarising head unit houses  a filter slot to accommodate the quartz wedge, wavelength and quarter wavelength retardation plates.

Quadruple objective turret with x4, x10, x40 and x60 planachromatic long working distance, strain free polarising objectives. Three of the settings have lateral adjustment to allow the objectives to be centred in the optical path. The fourth objective (x60 recommended) is centred using the lateral adjusters of the specimen stage. A ball bearing race rotating circular stage, with graduated chapter ring. The stage has lateral position adjusters to centre it relative to the non adjustable objective. The other objectives are then fine adjusted to centre. This a more sensitive and accurate system than having all objectives adjustable with a non moving stage. The incident illumination light source for  has bulb position adjustment with a centring field iris.

The SP1500XP series has low position coaxial coarse and fine focus controls with tension adjustment and variable focus stop. The fine focus controls are graduated to facilitate depth measurement. The microscope has an  illumination system that is  rheostat controlled 6 volt 20 watt  with an easy bulb change trap door in the bottom of the microscope stand.

The SP1500XP polarising microscopes represent a breakthrough in the development of affordable professional polarising microscopes and has an extensive range of accessories including CCTV and digital camera adapters.

Price SP1500XP - £2083.33 + vat

x15 eyepieces                                   SP15XP-01


CCTV adapter                                   SP15XP-06


x20 eyepieces                                   SP15XP-02


CCTV adapter with graticle                 SP15XP-07


SLR camera adapter                          SP15XP-03


Stage micrometer                              SP15XP-08


T2 ring                                              SP15XP-04


Wooden case                                    SP15XP-09


Digital camera adapter                       SP15XP-05


Mechanical specimen driver                SP15XP-10


Brunel SP1500XP Polarising Microscope Accessories

The Brunel SP1500XP has a range of accessories available from our online shop.

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