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A monocular polarising microscope

Brunel SP75P Microscope

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Brunel SP75P Polarising Microscope

Brunel SP75P graduated stage

Brunel SP75P swing out polariser

Brunel SP75P filter slot

The Brunel SP75P is made to a specification and standard designed to fill the gap between biological microscopes that can be converted to polarising microscopes and the full specification polarisation microscopes that are at a prohibitive price for the student and amateur.

This microscope is very competitively priced and manufactured exclusively for Brunel Microscopes. Budget pricing inevitably involves compromise, but with the SP75P, the only omission from a full polarising specification is a Bertrand lens, which is used less frequently these days.

The Brunel SP-75P specification features include a rotating monocular head with x10 widefield eyepiece and crosshair eyepiece, filter slot to accommodate the quarter wavelength and full wave length retardation plates that are provided as standard with this microscope, rotating graduated circular stage, with clamping mechanism and lateral adjustment which allows each objective to be positioned centrally in the optical path, triple objective turret with an excellent and very positive indexing mechanism, housing x4, x10 and x40 strain free polarising objectives, abbe condenser with rack and pinion focusing, filter carrier and iris diaphragm. The fully rotating polarising filter is housed above the field lens with a swing out mechanism so that it can be removed easily from the optical path.

One of the most important features of any polarising microscope is the illumination system. Crossed polarising filters obviously produce a black background, and the brilliance of  the appearance of birefringent objects is dictated by the lighting system of the microscope.  The Brunel SP75P has rheostat controlled quartz halogen illumination, with a 6 volt 20 watt bulb located in an easy to reach lamp housing that can easily be accessed from the base of the microscope.

The build quality of this microscope is exceptional for the price. It has a modern design with stylish wrist resting inserts on the base. The low position coaxial coarse and fine focus controls are well placed for ease of comfort, and the fine focus is graduated to facilitate simple depth measurement.

Price SP75P - £544.17 + vat

x10 eyepiece micrometer                     SP75P-01


CCTV adapter                                     SP75P-06


x20 eyepiece                                      SP75P-02


Spare bulb                                          SP75P-07


SLR camera adapter                            SP75P-03


Stage micrometer                                SP75P-08


T2 ring                                                SP75P-04


Minicam CCTV                                    SP75P-09


Digital camera adapter                         SP75P-05


Aluminium style carrying case              SP75P-10


Brunel SP75P Polarising Microscope Accessories

The Brunel SP75P series has a range of accessories available from our online shop.


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