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x15 widefield eyepiece                    SP28/28D-01


Photography adapter                             SP28-11


x20 widefield eyepiece                    SP28/28D-02


Photoeyepiece                                     SP28-12


x63 objective                                  SP28/28D-03


Minicam for TV                                     SP28-13


Digital camera adapter                           SP28-04


Eyecam digital camera                         SP28-14


Stage micrometer                           SP28/28D-05


Dark Ground Condensor                 SP28/28D-15


T2 ring (state camera)                      SP28-06


Demonstration eyepiece                 SP28/28D-16


Polariser/Analyser                          SP28/28D-07


CCTV adapter                                      SP28-17


x10 Phase contrast                        SP28/28D-08


Aluminium carrying case               SP28/28D-18


x40 Phase contrast                        SP28/28D-09


Measuring eyepiece                       SP28/28D-10


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The SP28 series has a range of accessories available from our online shop.

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The Brunel SP28 is an innovation. This microscope design is exclusive to Brunel Microscopes and is manufactured for us to our own design. The SP28 bridges a gap. In microscopy there is always a choice to be made between high power microscopes to look at transparent specimens on microscope slides and low power stereomicroscopes to look at whole objects that are not transparent. High power microscopes can also be used to look at the surface of solid objects by having the illuminating light shining down through the objective . These are metallurgical microscopes and the fact that the light and the image share the same path way can result to a degree in the image being ‘greyed out’ by the illuminating light if the specimen is not highly reflective.

The SP28 for many types of  specimens gets over this problem for magnifications up to x200. The microscope in addition to the normal transmitted lighting of a biological microscope also has a focused LED light source on a flexible arm. Using x2, x4, x10 and x20 long working distance objectives there is enough working distance between a slide and the objective for this light to illuminate a solid specimen with angled lighting from above which therefore does not compete with the image in the optical path.  Of course there is not enough room to carry out manipulations such as dissection which would need the much greater working distance of a stereomicroscope. The SP28 can provide much information about the surface of certain types of specimens and examples are shown below.

The Brunel SP28 is the latest addition in our series for student and amateur use, and indeed has professional applications because of its unique ability. This is an extremely versatile instrument with excellent LED illumination that can be rheostat controlled for brightness.  An excellent specification including rotating monocular head with a x10 widefield eyepiece, four position turret with x4, x10, x40 and x100(oil) achromatic objectives for those who would mainly use the microscope for biological slide study and the occasional top light  whole object application. The SP28 can also be supplied with non coverslip long working distance objectives  that are more suited for whole object examination with top lighting, but still give acceptable results with slide preparations. We can supply the SP28 with a combination of these objectives to suit your application. Please enquire.

The Brunel SP28 is also available with an inbuilt digital camera complete with software that allows image measurement. This is the SP28D Microscope, which comes with a 3M resolution CMOS camera unit. The camera is parfocal with the the monocular eyetube so that the specimen is in focus for the camera at the same time as the observer. The microscope is supplied complete with USB cable and software with a step by step installation guide. In addition advice from our own qualified computer specialist is only a telephone call away.

Price: SP28 with biological objectives x4, x10, x40 and x100 (oil) - £279.17 + vat

          SP28 with long working distance objectives x5, x10 and x20 - £337.50 + vat

          SP28D with biological objectives - £435.00 + vat

          SP28D with long working distance objectives - £525.00 + vat

Brunel SP28D head with digital camera

Leg of Honeybee x40 mag - from a prepared microscope slide

The actual whole bee leg x40 with top lighting

A prepared slide of the honeybee cornea, stained x40 magnification

The actual eye of a honeybee x40 magnification with top lighting

A prepared slide of the honeybee wing, stained x40 magnification

The actual wing of the honeybee x40 magnification with top lighting

Growing tips of a succulent plant leaf x40 magnification - top light

Growing tips of a succulent plant leaf x100 magnification - top light

Growing tips of a succulent plant leaf x200 magnification - top light

Fish fry x20 on a black background with top lighting

Fish fry x20 on a white background with top lighting

The example images shown were taken with the SP28D and show some types of specimens that can give reasonable results with the top lighting system. Clearly the depth of focus limitations of compound microscope objectives means that not all the depth of the specimen will be in focus at the same time, but it is possible to use stacking software - such as Helicon Focus - to produce a full depth image.

The choice of background colour is also important as can be seen with the fish fry images.

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