Brunel SP03 and SP14 Microscopes

Brunel SP03/SP14 Series

The Wedmore SP series microscopes are a range of high quality, high performance instruments available exclusively from Brunel Microscopes. The robust design of these instruments is particularly suited to the rigours of education establishments and the dedicated amateur naturalist. All Wedmore SP microscopes are equipped with RMS standard thread achromatic objectives, a full substage Abbe condenser (N.A. 1.2), with iris diaphragm, filter carrier and full rack and pinion adjustment.

Quadruple objective turret with achromatic DIN standard objectives. Coaxial coarse and fine focus controls. Full mechanical stage with coaxial drop down controls and double vernier scales. In addition the microscopes have tension adjustment on the focus mechanism together with a separately operated focus safety stop that protects both objectives and specimen slides

These days even toy microscopes have inbuilt battery lighting - for what its worth! However we offer the SP03 with the traditional mirror illumination for those who either cannot access electricity in their work environment of who like the portability that this gives. In all other respects the SP03 has the full specification of the Wedmore series.  Illumination is by plano/concave mirror (SP03) or rheostat controlled LED lighting (SP14). Most notable is that both  the  SP03 and SP14 come with their own carrying case which is a significant bonus in reducing price.

Wedmore SP03

Achromatic objectives x4, x10, x40 and x100 (oil immersion). Eyepiece wide field  x10,  Full substage condenser with iris diaphragm. Mechanical stage with drop down controls and vernier scales.  Magnification range x40 - x1000. Mirror illumination and carrying case

Price £136.67 + vat                                     

Wedmore SP14

Achromatic objectives x4 x10, x40, x100 (oil). Eyepiece x10 wide field. Full mechanical stage with drop down coaxial controls. LED brightness controlled illumination system. An excellent  microscope and without equal in its price range. Magnification range x40 to x1000. Carrying case

Price £187.50  + vat                                  

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x15 widefield eyepiece                       WDMRE-01


x10 Phase contrast                           WDMRE-11


x20 widefield eyepiece                       WDMRE-02


x40 Phase contrast                           WDMRE-12


x20 objective                                    WDMRE-03


Starters pack                                   WDMRE-13


x60 objective                                    WDMRE-04


Measuring eyepiece                          WDMRE-14


Photoeyepiece                               WDMRE-05


Photography adapter                         WDMRE-15


Stage micrometer                              WDMRE-07


Dark Ground Condenser                   WDMRE-17


T2 ring (state camera)                        WDMRE-08


Eyecam digital camera                     WDMRE-18


 Polariser/Analyser                            WDMRE-09


Demonstration eyepiece                    WDMRE-19


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