Brunel SP27 and Brunel SP27D microscopes

Brunel SP27 LED Microscopes

The Brunel SP27 is an established microscope in our series for student and amateur use. This is an extremely versatile instrument with excellent LED illumination that allows the instrument to be used away from an electricity supply.  An excellent specification including rotating monocular head with a x10 widefield eyepiece, four position turret with x4, x10, x40 and x100(oil) achromatic objectives together with a good sized full mechanical stage with coaxial drop down controls and a double vernier scale.

The SP27 has a modern design with low position coaxial coarse and fine focus controls and a focus safety stop. The Abbe condenser has an iris diaphragm with filter carrier and the base has a very effective field lens that gives a good even field of illumination.

The LED illumination has a rheostat control that gives excellent lighting well suited to the requirements of the x100 objective. This can be used either directly attached to a 240v electricity supply  or can be run from the integral battery system that will give up to 48 hours continuous use between charging which happens automatically when the unit is plugged in.

Highly recommended.

SP27 Price £192.50 + vat

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x15 widefield eyepiece                    SP27/27D-01


SLR Photography adapter                      SP27-11


x20 widefield eyepiece                    SP27/27D-02


Photoeyepiece                                     SP27-12


x63 objective                                  SP27/27D-03


Digital camera adapter                           SP27-04


Eyecam digital camera                         SP27-14


Stage micrometer                           SP27/27D-05


Dark Ground Condensor                 SP27/27D-15


T2 ring (state camera)                            SP27-06


Demonstration eyepiece                 SP27/27D-16


Polariser/Analyser                          SP27/27D-07


Simple CCTV adapter                           SP27-17


x10 Phase contrast                        SP27/27D-08


x40 Phase contrast                        SP27/27D-09


Measuring eyepiece                       SP27/27D-10


SP27 and SP27D Microscope Accessories

The SP27 series has a range of accessories available from our online shop.

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The Brunel SP27 is also available with an inbuilt digital camera complete with software that allows image measurement. This is the SP27D Microscope, which comes with a 3M resolution CMOS camera unit. The camera is parfocal with the the monocular eyetube so that the specimen is in focus for the camera at the same time as the observer.

The SP27D is USB2.0 and is supplied complete with USB cable and software with a step by step installation guide.

Brunel Microscopes has been cautious about embracing the many different digital microscopes that claim to be the answer to computer imaging at very cheap prices ,but we consider that this is an excellent  starters digital microscope that does exactly what we claim. A budget digital microscope that performs very impressively.

SP27D Price £340.83 + vat                                                

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