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Research Standard Microscope

Brunel SP200 Microscope

SP200 Microscope Accessories

The SP200 series has a wide range of accessories available from our online shop.

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Brunel SP200 Microscope

Kohler Illumination

Mechanical stage

SP200 Carrying Case













Objective specification

x15 widefield eyepiece               SP200-01


Wooden case deluxe                 SP200-13


x20 widefield eyepiece               SP200-02


x10 measuring eyeiece              SP200-03


Neutral density filter                   SP200-15


x3.2 photoeyepiece                   SP200-04


CCTV adapter                           SP200-16


x2.5 photoeyepiece                   SP200-05


Dark ground condenser (dry)       SP200-17


Digital camera adapter               SP200-06


Dark ground condenser (oil)        SP200-18


Stage micrometer                      SP200-07


Plan phase contrast set             SP200-19


x2.5 plan objective                     SP200-08


Polariser/Analyser                     SP200-20


x60 plan objective                      SP200-09


Photography attachment            SP200-10


Heated stage                            SP200-22


x100 plan objective with iris        SP200-11


CCTV adapter with graticule       SP200-23


T2 ring (state camera)                SP200-12


Aluminium Carrying Case           SP200-24


The Brunel SP200 series microscope is designed to give research standard equipment that combines quality and ease of use with prices that are competitive by any standards.The SP200 microscope is extremely well built with a very modern design, with a  trinocular with infinity corrected plan objectives as standard.

The microscope controls are ergonomically situated for ease of use. The low position coaxial coarse and fine focus controls and the large square mechanical stage give the microscopes a quality feel of instruments that are of a far greater price. The focus controls has a tension adjustment system, and there is an infinitely variable focus stop arrangement to ensure slide safety. The quintuple objective backward facing turret has a ball bearing race with a very definite indexing system.

Plan DIN standard infinity corrected objectives x4, x10, x20 ,x40 and x100(oil) are fitted as standard. x10 widefield eyepieces. Rheostat quartz halogen 6v 20 watt illumination (240 and 110 volts), with field iris allowing full Kohler illumination. The condenser (N.A. 1.25) has integral iris and filter carrier and has lateral movement adjusters for centring. Phase contrast set and dark ground condenser options are available with a wide range of accessories including CCTV, 35mm and digital photography adapters. The full range of accessories is impressive, and includes a full phase contrast set of objectives and a simple dark ground condensers for low and high power objectives.

Digital camera adapters are available . The SP200 is ideal for CCTV applications, with high resolution camera units for the trinocular head. The Minicam and Educam will both fit into either eyetube of  the binocular head or into the trinocular tube. An excellent yet economical heated stage is available.

SP200 with Infinity plan objectives Price £1082.50 + vat


SP200 Carrying Case

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