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The SP500 series has a range of accessories available from our online shop.

Dimensions: Footprint 240 x 210mm (height 490mm) Weight 7Kg

Brunel SP500 Microscope

Ergonomic Head

x15 widefield eyepieces (pair)       SP500-01


Polariser/Analyser set               SP500-08


x10 eyepiece with graticule        SP500-02


x100 plan objective with iris       SP500-09


Universal SLR Camera adapter    SP500-03


Spare bulb                                SP500-10


T2 ring (state camera)                SP500-04


CCTV adapter                           SP500-11


x20 widefield eyepieces (pair)      SP500-05


Dark ground condenser (dry)      SP500-12


Heated stage                             SP500-06


Dark ground condenser (oil)        SP500-13


Stage micrometer                      SP500-07


Zernike phase contrast set         SP500-14



Working Distance














x100 (oil)



Objective specification

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The Brunel SP500 is a superb laboratory specification trinocular microscope with excellent IOS infinity corrected coated plan achromatic objectives. The SP500 is a large instrument with a very elegant and modern design, and is the latest addition to our range. There is an excellent range of accessories including phase contrast and dark ground systems. The SP500 is available with a standard trinocular head or with an ergonomic head (SP500E) that allows the angle of the eyetubes eyetubes to be altered to suit the individual or the height of the laboratory bench. The SP500E has a separate camera port which can remain in place or removed without effecting the optical performance of the microscope. The SP500 can be upgraded to the SP500E at a later stage if required.

Technical specification

The die cast microscope body is well balanced and extremely stable. The trinocular head is 30 degree inclined and fully rotatable, with the option of 100% light to the binocular eyetubes or an 80%/20% split to the trinocular phototube.The SP500 has a coaxial coarse and fine focus system with tension adjustment and a focus safety stop. The mechanical stage has a double vernier scale for specimen location, and has low position coaxial controls. The stage area is 175 x 145mm with a 75 x 50mm moving range. There is a double filter slot beneath the microscope head for polariser and filter insertion.

A major feature of the SP500 is the excellent Kohler illumination system. The state of the art electronics allows any input voltage between 90 to 240 volts, and the 12v 100 watt lamp housing is placed at the back outside of the base. The potential brightness of the lighting system makes the instrument ideal for high magnification dark ground and phase contrast applications such as diatom study and whole blood analysis. The field iris is in the base of the microscope and the substage condenser has a flip top lens to ensure full field of view illumination at all magnifications. This are  substantial microscopes which is reflected in their dimensions.

Optical specification

x10 super  widefield eyepieces measuring 30mm in diameter. Quintuple inverted objective turret with ball bearing race and internal indexing. ISO infinity corrected plan  objectives. The SP500 has a wide range of attachments including  phase contrast, wet and dry dark ground condensers, and polarisation filters. Additional eyepieces, photography, CCTV and digital camera accessories are also available.

SP500: Price £1332.50 + vat

SP500E: Price £1729.17 + vat

Ergonomic Head

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