Quality optical performance with a trinocular head

Brunel BMSF Stereomicroscopes

The BMSF series of stereomicroscopes allows the opportunity for the convenience of a trinocuar tube for photography without having to pay for the full zoom facility. The microscope is available either on a plain stand, dual illumination stand and also a long arm option.. A particular feature of this series is the excellent finish and optical quality that we consider cannot be bettered within this price range.

BMSF Stereomicroscopes

The BMSF stereohead is available with x1/x3 or x2/x4 objective options in a turret mount. The widefield x10 eyepieces provides overall magnification options of x10/x30 and x20/x40. Both options maybe considerably extended by the use of auxiliary objective lenses (that screw into the bottom of the objective turret) and x15 or x20 additional eyepieces. The BMSF is trinocular - which is unusual for a non-zoom stereohead, and the light path is controlled by a push/pull lever. The trinocular eyetube arrangement is suitable for CCTV, and digital photography. Three stand options are available.

Price BMSF + Plain stand (ST1) £379.17+ vat

Price BMSF + Illuminated stand (ST2) £455.83 + vat

Price BMSF + Long arm stand (ST3)  £588.33 + vat

Price BMSF + Long Arm stand £506.38 + vat

Price BMSZ + Long Arm stand £676.60 + vat

Brunel BMSF on plain stand (ST1)

Brunel BMSF Series Microscope Accessories

The BMSF series has a range of accessories available from our online shop.

x15 widefield eyepiece                  BMF-01


x0.5 additional objective                BMF-11


x20 widefield eyepiece                  BMF-02


Stage micrometer                        BMF-12


x1.5 additional objective (all stands)   BMF-03


Photoeyepiece                             BMF-13


x2 additional objective lens            BMF-04


T2 ring (state camera make)              BMF-14


Dark ground attachment                BMF-05


LED Ringlight (ST1 & ST3 only)       BMF-15


Gem clamp                                  BMF-06


Photography attachment SLR        BMF-16


Mechanical stage attachment        BMF-07


Universal SLR adapter system       BMF-17


x10 measuring eyepiece               BMF-08


Incident bulb                                BMF-18


Polariser/Analyser                        BMF-09


Transmitted bulb                          BMF-19


CCTV adapter                              BMF-10


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Brunel BMSF on illumination stand (ST2)

Brunel BMSF on long arm stand (ST3)

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