A triple magnification stereo also available with inbuilt digital camera

Brunel SX10 Stereomicroscopes

The SX10 stereomicroscopes are a recent addition to our range adding a very modern design microscope with an exceptional build quality for its price. The SX10 is also available with a built in 3M digital camera  that can be directly attached to a laptop or PC (Windows O/S only) to provide still images and video clips and time lapse images - SX10D.

The SX10 is a very stylish stereomicroscope finished in pale grey enamel with blue controls. It has a good sized stable base with built in incident and transmitted LED lighting with brightness control that can be used together or independently. In addition the SX10 (but not the SX10D) has a set of rechargeable batteries in the base that can power the LED lights for up to 48 hours away from a mains power supply.The turret contains x1, x2 and x4 objective pairs that with the excellent super wide field eyepieces gives magnification options of x10, x20 and x40. The magnification changes are made by rotating the turret from click stop to click stop.

The microscope stand has a rack and pinion focus control throughout its length which assists with image stability, and there is a very useful carrying handle at the top of the stand post. The base has a dissection area with specimen clips.

The SX10D has an inbuilt 3M CMOS digital camera. The optical and stand specification are identical to the SX10 with the SX10D having a cowling housing the camera with a USB connection port behind the stereohead. The microscope comes complete with the USB connection cable and software that allows image selection, manipulation and the ability to carry out direct measurement of distances, areas, and angles.

An aluminium ‘pilot’ style carrying case is available for both models.

SX10  Price-  £229.17+ vat

SX10D Price - £345.00 + vat

Carrying case Price - £35.00 + vat


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x15 widefield eyepiece                 SX10-01


Stage micrometer                        SX10-06


x20 widefield eyepiece                 SX10-02


T2 ring (state camera make)         SX10-07


Aluminium carrying case              SX10-03


Spare eyecups                            SX10-08


x10 measuring eyeiece                SX10-04


Carrying case                             SX10-09


SLR camera adapter                    SX10-05


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